Character-based damage scaling with OP level

This was something I’ve been wondering about for ages but now it genuinely bugs me that I don’t know :

Does the selected OP level change damage output from skills and pets?

If I have a character who’s achieved OP8 but is playing at a lower level, does his/her/its damage scale to that level? Or is it always based on the highest level? Or do these not actually increase beyond level 72?

This would be skills such as Fistful of Hurt, Death Blossom, Unforseen, Raving Retribution, Shock and Ahh!, Cloud Kill, Blight Phoenix, etc.
This would also include Deathtrap and Axton’s turrets.


Since this is something the UCP is known to fix, I took it to mean it was broken in the case of Deathtr4p and the Turrets.

I can’t speak for the others though. Also the last patch update matched PC scaling for some things to the consoles, which I guess were scaled more appropriately?


Sorry - but fix what? That it doesn’t scale?

UCP do you mean?


Yes, fixing the lack of scaling beyond level 72, and yes the Community Patch 4.x (I forget the iteration).

I’ll edit to include the notes referring to the issue & fix shortly.

Taken from Patch notes early iteration

"2. Made the Turret’s Damage and the Turret augmentations scale like an AI, making them have proper Damage throughout the game (similar to console versions of the game).

  1. Made Phaselock, Scorn, and Ruin scale like other skills and made Ruin scale to OP8.
    1.1. Ruin: +60% at level 30, +100% at level 50, +144% at 72, +590% at OP8.

  2. Made Deathtrap’s Damage scale like an AI, making it have proper Damage throughout the game (-29% at level 5, increase of +4% at level 30, +110% at level 50, +156% at level 72, +173% at OP8).

  3. Made Krieg’s special Melee Damage scale to OP8 (+6.6% at OP8)."

So on PC the scaling issues persisted.


Right… but science. While I do trust most of their research into these things, some peer review on this site would add that bit of knowledge to this forum for future reference.


This is still pretty stunning news though : that somehow console versions scale differently from PC?

Seriously, why haven’t we had this conversation before? I presume there was on the UCP thread of course.

Obviously this requires some proper testing.
Some are easy to test (Cloud Kill ticks, Shock &Ahh or Unforseen novae). Some are difficult (kunai). Some may be impossible to reliably test.


There’s a limit to what can be discussed regarding the UCP. File content is essentially off the table. From the form regs :

The discussion of data mining and the methods used to mine code (for example, the UCP Filter Tool), and the posting of data uncovered through mining is strictly forbidden. Please do not post or share content mined from game code.

There is a now-closed UCP thread here and also Shadow Evil’s Discord and Steam “hideouts”.

I’ll humbly request we not derail into UCP discussion on this thread.


I’ll second @Jefe’s request - the forum rules he quoted are pretty clear, so if we could keep within them that would be greatly appreciated.

Back on topic: I must admit, this is first I’d ever heard that scaling of anything was different between the console and PC versions. So is this claim referring solely to OP levels?


Not sure of the veracity of the result, but here’s a post from Reddit about DT and Axtob’s turret damage scaling.


I was MIA when that decision was finally made. I know it was a topic of debate, so I hope sharing patch note info wasn’t an issue.

Also, by the 4th iteration they matched their scaling to that of the console instead of their original levels as listed earlier.


Huh. Very interesting. But yes, some peer review certainly wouldn’t hurt… maybe someone here who has both PC and console versions of the game could do a little testing for us?


Not at all. You’re not mining the game files - and this is all extremely helpful.

My OP is what I’d personally like to concentrate on first : scaling between OP levels. I’m on PC, so it’s a simple matter to check this (I have several Zer0s at different OP levels that I can check Unforseen with).

Naturally I’d like confirmation regarding console vs PC too. So far everyone who’s posted here is on PC other than VH101 who doesn’t play in the OP levels.

I’m sure I can get @Kurtdawg13 to compare OP8 Cloud Kill between PC and Xbox.

This’ll have to wait a few days on my end.

Edit : come to think of it, @Adabiviak - when we were testing Unforseen, do you recall whether you tested OP level?

I have this from one of my posts :

Incidentally, the damage for OP8 is 660K per level. So 5/5 does 3300K. This is actual damage against an OP8 enemy - so with that level’s 55% damage reduction factored in.
Level 72 does 517K per level.


Wow touchy subject. Sorry I even asked. I’ll research this on my own then. Cheers.

I almost joked about it on the What you did today thread but we were going off track enough already with Gaige. Seriously. One week to 2019 and you guys didn’t figured it out already? :joy:
I read multiples times that Axton turrets didn’t scale properly at OP level and knew Deathtrap was coded differently. Beyond that it’s total darkness.
Pc and console scaling differently is … wow! How did they “achieve” that?
Now if I’m not mistaken your “real” question is:
If I bring my OP 8 character into n OP2 game. Will it (Pets & skills) deal OP8 or OP2 damage.
Guts feeling tell me it will do full potential damage. No idea for real.
Irrelevant if nothing scale up beside gears. Which was my assumption.


Double post for a good cause and I feel lazy.

I can help. Still low level OP (3) with the turret but that’s a start.
And you never know… The right friend at the right time… A couple Peak runs doesn’t take that long… :wink:


That’s right. The test that I alluded to DID make a difference. That was an OP8 character that I loaded at various levels and did varying levels of damage…I seem to recall. But that was only one skill : Unforseen.

NOTE! If anyone’s going to test, remember the test dummy has damage reduction - so you’ll have to factor that out.

Levels above you +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +20
Damage Reduction 10% 20% 30% 40% 45% 50% 55% 60% 65% 70% 99.2%

No… mostly testing to see if it was, in fact, awesome. :grin:

That’s the hypothesis on the table here.



My plain level 72 Axton, who hasn’t been to the Peak:

My OP3 Axton at OP0:

And again at OP3:

(And just for the record, BAR is off and no relics or COMs equipped, no skill points allocated except to get the action skill. This is PC with no UCP.)


Awesome - so this backs up the test I did with Unforseen. That OP levels do scale.

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Yup, I’m curious about consoles though and whether us PC users are getting nerfed heh. :wink:

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