Character challenges

So I really love playing battleborn but I really want to be able to complete challenges in a private match so I can master the character and get all their unique lore.


LOL you and EVERYONE else mate.

They’ve lowered them a bit so get out there, they aren’t that bad now.


Yup, not sure Gearbox is feeling us.

So then play and unlock them, what’s the problem? I literally made a list of what I need to do with each character, and if a team member picks a character I need, I just choose a character I need to complete the lore. Now I’m sitting with only Kleese as the one unfinished (just too hard to get capture mode going…)

If there were an ability to do these kind of things in private match, then why just don’t unlock them for the players from the beginning, there would be no Challenge in lore Challenges anyway.

EDIT: sorry, didn’t mean to reply to you, just to the topic ^^

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LMAO, I was reading it thinking “huh”?..

But yeah. most of them are pretty easy and can be done in only a couple missions where they were painfully long.

I’m still trying to figure out how to increase my damn damage intake on Montana. I’ve played so many damn matches and I think I’m barely half way to 1 mill. Probably the only one I have left that i’ll be lvl 15 before I get his legendary item. Pretty much everyone else’s is done, or close to it with many levels before 15.

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The problem with that is then they become lore inconviencences. They’re barely even challenges now. Just find a group of people to play with here on the forums, and you’ll find it’s easy to get them done.

There are countless discussions on this subject since the game’s launch. This one, for example:

I heard they need to do some adjustments prior to letting challenges count in private matches. It might be a sign they are trying to resolve the issue.

There are many problems. Take a look at the thread I gave a link.

I got that Lore done fairly quick, though it does take some time. A Miko feels like a must for a tanky Montana. You won’t absorb any damage when you’re dead so you need to go for survivability above all else. (Damage reduction on damage reduction. All of it) If you spend enough time up and in the front lines you should reach 100-200K dmg absorbed per match. I suggest playing Incursion because you’ll spend most of the time in team fights and the sentry packs a punch. (To be a good tank in this game you do need a good team on your back, though. They need to support your push)

doing lore in privet would just ruin the challenge part even further. 96% of the lore is already super easy and i just blow through mastering a character in about 8 hours with the new boost.

yeah, but you don’t want damage reduction. you want to take the damage. LMAO, I only play incursion. The problem really is that I get no support. Up, dead, up dead, up dead. It’s amazing. I get the miko aspect. I see great teams with a miko keeping a Montana alive as he kills everyone, I have yet to be that lucky though. LOL

I guess i’ll just get it done the slow and hard way.

So what you are saying is that the PvP specific challenges are not in line in terms of difficulty of the non-pvp specific challenges? I would agree.

I figured that while you dont actually take the hurt, you do still absorb all that damage - worked for me, at least. I think I completed all Montana Lore at CR10. But definitely kudos to all the Supports that helped me along the way :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m at the point in the game where I pick a guy that will help the team more than just a challenge perspectivce. Anytime there is a Miko, there is a need to pick someone else to offset. Then, when I do get someone as a healer, they aren’t very good and still get no support.

Played a game with 3 people with healing properties one game: Ambra, miko, reyna…not once did I get a heal or a shield from any of them.

Yes, AMAZING. I know. I was pretty shocked myself. You might be saying to yourself, maybe you weren’t paying attention mike. I will then reply to saying “oh yes I do!” When I get nuked and see absolutely nobody around me supporting me I can see that. It’s annoying as hell.

To all those people who talk about “it would be too easy” - the subject is not exactly about making lore challenges count in private Versus, it’s about having any option to do them outside PVP. If you think private Versus will makes them too easy, please offer a better suggestion.

I did see a suggestion a while back to have some kind of PVE equivalent to it.

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Yes yes yes and yes! I want to be able to unlock challenge via Private Versus. It doesn’t mean we are going to stop playing Public Versus, but at least we’ll play it for the fun of it (you know, if lore challenges was bugging some gameplay style)

For the character play challenges get a friend to do a coop story on hardcore and die right away by jumping off a ledge together. Easy done. no more waiting for other to pick. Plus if you have a 2nd controller just play as another fake profile and plug it in and do the tutorial and then use the basic characters to get what you need.