Character Changes, what we miss and what we want

With the recent patches and hot fixes there has been a lot of good and bad changes, naturally we focus on the less preferable changes as we once again wish them to be changed.

For me, my less preferable was to do with Thorn. I was a huge believer of focused volley and I was the only person (I knew) that used it until I recommended it to a few friends, and like me they also fell in love with the skill. It provided the ranged burst damage she needed when following up on a stun or a curse, now the only burst is her ult or a close up volley which isn’t preferable to be close range as she will be melted.

On the other hand a welcoming change was the switch around of her helixes, I like that the blight slow is later and that the blight cast range is earlier.

There are many examples of changes we like and don’t like or ones we want back, so I want to know what is it that you miss the most or think should be brought back?

I want El Dragon and his 2 second stun back.


Oscar Mikes napalm. It’s the only thing the kid had, Whiskey is starting to feel kind of guilty being better than him in every way.


It’s still decent enough.[quote=“reliikki, post:3, topic:1555822”]
It’s the only thing the kid had,

His gun and ult are amazing, oscar mike is still a very good character.


I do get your frustration though because they nerfed the damage and radius. I wouldn’t particularly mind if the radius was bought back the radius on AOEs.

I’m not frustrated, I don’t even play OM. Is called a joke.

No matter what they do with OM’s napalm, Whiskey is still better.

Very true

Hate Melka’s dot style being removed


That’ll be a popular one.

I want Galilea’s stab attack back

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i want kid ultra to be cancer again or at least make it a 2 second stun


Bring back lets bounce for Orendi.



Let me guess, you were one of those people who used the shield recharge.

I want Kelvin to not be taken out of sublimate at the drop of a hat.


yeah and wot m8

M9 get on my level


1v1 me scrub <3

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We all know you would lose.

Anyways, give back lets bounce and 100% of competent Orendi players would be happy.


Friendly banter aside, please no insults like this just because of a helix-choice you deem to be better or for the “competent people”, thanks.