Character Changes, what we miss and what we want

Joking aside, I wish they didn’t take LB out. I tried to get used to OTRM but I didn’t realized how drastic the change to her playstyle was (at least to me). The utility was amazing and it fit her chaotic nature, and unfortunately I noticed a decline with my playtime with her


Revert ISIC back to day one status . I wish they would just take away all of Caldy’s most recent buffs in exchange for being able to double jump while slowed again.


I’m only gonna comment on 2 characters since I haven’t eaten breakfast yet and thus can’t think properly until I get the proper num-nums.

Galilea - stop trying to make her a tank! You devs are pretty much telling us to not use the myriad of fantastic offensive tools the girl has in favor of… what exactly? She doesn’t have the same defensive capabilities as Boldur, ISIC, or even Montana, so, like wtf? Knock it off or I’ll come to your offices and, uh… I dunno, braid someone’s eyelashes I guess.

Attikus - make Pounce stun by default with the option for it to silence, or keep the silence as default and give the option to either knockup or stun (2 seconds) - I would say bring back the knockback, but I think most of us remember how that usually went. For balance, make either his attack speed or movement slightly slower (the only think I can think of). Also, bring back the knockup on a 5-stack Hedronic Eruption.

I think I’m starting to ramble. Am I rambling? I’m gonna go eat now. Toodles!

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You know, Foxtrot sounds better on paper, but he’s really not. Oscar’s gun is easier to hit shots with and it only makes sense that it does less damage than Foxtrot’s, since it’s full auto and you can increase the damage of the last 15 rounds by 50% at level 5. And you can get a flat damage boost at 7 or 8 (can’t remember which).

But Oscar has a cloak to flank, and Airstrike (that you can SLOW on; reminder, it does 2,600ish damage) had a massive area of effect and melts enemies very quickly. His napalm is still nice, it could use a little size boost (not sure why its size got nerfed in the first place).

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WF just takes a while to build up, You can be a serious menace with the slow sticky bomb, 3 sticky grenades, Aoe stickies and damage amplification after landing scrap shot, Add shield penetration and reload speed to your gear, his lvl 5 helixes are super underrated. You can literally stay up in meltdown and incursion thanks to that health Regen you get from killing enemies or the movement speed to flee quickly. Also his ultimate stacks with the damage amplification, makes dealing with those Montanas and alanis a breeze. Let’s not forget that once they let you hold the shoot button with him it greatly increased the joy to play him.

My main gripes are with Alani and Kid Ultra. Bring back Alani’s level two helix that increased damage tot hose trapped in the bubble, the options we have no have literally no use. It is extremely hard to catch multiple people in the bubble and the 15% damage shared to nearby targets doesn’t do much damage at any rate.

I agree that Bola stun was crazy to begin with but with all the nerfs to it sounded like it was in a right place but lo and behold they left out the fact the reduced the stun even to 1 second. C’mon if your going to reduce the stun (which was what everyone was complaining about) then bring back some of his other options to the bola, make the bolas bounce 2 times instead of 1 at the very least.


Wasn’t it’s functionality already changed before it was replaced? Remember it being useable as a double jump if timed well, but when I took it again as a “farewell” kind of thing it wasn’t working like before.

No, the functionality remained. You could use it as a double jump as it propels you vertically up.

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Whiskey has his combat rhythm passive, which boosts all his attack dmg by 25% after any kill for 10 seconds. (And any really means any)
Swiss Cheese also boosts all his rifle dmg by 25%. (I haven’t actually ever tested how this stacks with combat rhythm but I assume it’s multiplicative)
And his shots are extremely easy to hit, too. Do you play with a controller? Maybe that’s your problem.
His napalm, while a later helix, can also cover a much larger radius since he can have three napalm pools out at once.
His ult can also deal up to 5k damage. (Granted, only in very specific situations)
With the right build Whiskeys DPS trumps OM’s completely.
Whiskey is also much more versatile than Oscar Mike and brings a lot more to the table.

And either way, stats don’t matter, Whiskey is still better.


If I have to say something… I would like to have Rath changed. All he does is spam his two skills and run for it. (Even Bots use that strategy)

In PvP, no Problem, your not suposed to take out a whole Team all by yourself, I get that… but even with the Reduced Cooldown in Solo Story/OPs he simply isn’t fun to play.

They should replace his Quick Melee with his secondary Attack, make the Crossblade his Secondary and make a Brand New Skill… I mean seriously, it’s called QUICK melee, but It’s the slowest Melee Attack in the Whole game, that Slash he does… it’s disgusting.

Also, Ernest’s Quick Melee should also be a Belly Pusher in Ego-Perspective to match his 3rd Person Animation…

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If you don’t know how to play him… :confused:

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Deande’s Uppercut :’(

I want there to be balance amongst all characters. There are only 6 characters that are ever considered to be banned, there are a handful of characters that are a joke to take, and more when you get to a specific mode or map.

Every character needs to be viable (not necessarily lethal) in all modes.

I’m curious, did you read my whole post?

I said that I’m fine with it in PvP… get in, kill get out, that’s an Assassin.

My Main Problem is in PvE when your suposed to guard something you can’t always wait till you can re-use your skills and if you try being aggressive you will get yourself killed.

I just hoped that the Character with the most Action from the Intro would be more fun to use in the Main Story.

I completely oppose this personally. I see her as a CC off tank who protects supports and wave clear and has enough damage to threaten, while having the ult to disengage when she’s surrounded. You do you though. Both styles through helices would probabaly be best

I see Oscar Mike nearly never. He may “not be better” but anecdotally I find he is

I’ll be super unpopular.

Zero ****s given.

If we got a wish list. Lets have the Sprinting melee attacking Galilea back.

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I found a lot of people complaining about the gross amount of bleed it does from level one and the fact that with the tighter spread and triple ricochet, it would hit someone multiple times and re-apply the bleed effect every time.

That said a one second ranged stun with a fairly short cooldown is still very good. I’ve been using KU lately and I think it’s great. One second stuns are for disruption and two second stuns are for killing. KU is a support not an assassin.

I dunno I’d take that trade she got any day.

Her trades are insane now.

Now I do miss old Pounce on Atti.

Also I think Alani should’ve been kept a caster instead of a healer. Especially since there’s only 1 caster and a million stupid supports.

The argument that I now realize I made quite poorly was that the devs seem to want Galilea to be less what she is now and more like Kleese or Ernest. Like I said, Gals has great offensive tools, but GBX seem to be chipping away at them little by little. And of course there’s the dreaded “rework” that’s allegedly coming and given how Mellka is being, er… “tweaked” currently I can’t help but fear the worst.

Nerf her AA damage a little more, alter her AA animation so that in movement it only hits 3 times instead of 5, or tweak her helix placement (a la Thorn) if anything, but I’m hoping that, for the most part, she just stays where she is.

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I want the original speed of sublimate back. I get that they reduced it due to many complaints that he was able to stun an entire enemy team and make it out to safety but many characters have abilities that can knock him out of it. A well coordinated team can make an enemy Kelvin feed them easily. Giving back the original speed can give him more of a fighting chance against those teams.

Also, in the very first battleplan they reduced ISIC’s health and ward strength. Because of that, his role as a “tank” is questionable. I really want to play him in the front lines but can’t due to how squishy he can be. He’s had many changes over time but if I had to choose I would like his health and ward strength back.