Character collision and HUD issues

These are the 2 biggest issues I have so far. Allow me to explain. Note that I’m deliberately avoiding talking about balance and focusing more on quality of life improvements.

  1. Character collision is a problem if rath knocks me up and I cannot fall to the ground because I’m stuck on his head. Body blocking is great but if a knock up is supposed to last 2 seconds and it last 5 or 6 because I can’t fall off of him then thats a problem. This has also got me killed chasing someone off of a cliff and getting stuck on their head before.

  2. When playing a healer in both co-op and pvp, its hard to keep track of the life totals of everyone so it would be great to have an option to display team HP bars on the screen all the time.

wanted to add a couple more things I dislike.
3. No way to reselect character like if one picks something but then decides the team needs a support they cant change the selection
4. No way to know what youre picking into like benedict counters shayne pretty hard and so I think it would be more fair to have a selection mode that allows for counter picking
5. Kill cam option, this matters less but its a good way to learn what characters are doing to kill you if you don’t yet have the character unlocked and can’t be bothered to read the info.