Character constantly stops moving?

So ive had borderlands for a few days now i didnt notice it like first day but as i advanced further in game my character started to just like stop walking while im holding down analog stick. Its almost as if i was running into an invisible wall or 1 was pushing me back or off to side ive tried looking to see if anyone else has this issue but ive not found anything. When it first started it was on once in a while but since i got to eden 6 its been almost constant to the point where its getting unplayable because in fights hell just stop moving but everything else is working fine so i just get clapped. Its the only issue ive had so far really but at this point i think its going to keep me from finishing the game if it gets even worse. So if any1 has seen or had this issue please let me know if there is way to fix or just to know im not the only 1