Character customization suggestion

(I would first like to say great job to gear box and battle born developers on the new update…i ahvent seen every character but the new modes like training, character select, the new gameplay visuals,skins etc its dope…somethings like orendis new helix…eh? but most things thumbs up)

Character customization:
I just thought that players might want to make their characters especially their favorite ones have their own unique style so i was thinking why not remove all the color options for the characters and let player choose their own colors and skins and clothes for their characters… for example thorn, i may want to make her look black and pink and the paint she has on her face i may want to put it brown or put a design option given like strips or flame etc. so instead of default colors let us pick our own probably three different type of colors from primary,secondary and a third color. …example pendles… if i may want to give him white shoes and make his upper clothing just pure black…so have a selected amount of colors to choose to customize our characters

Skins and clothes: instead of having the mastery clothing as black and purple, why not for example when all thorn mastery challenges are complete(goes for any character) she gets her own unique clothing like a hood maybe looking like assassins creed or green arrow so it feels more like we earned something unquie for that specific character, allowing players to alter the color only rather than black and purple…so like ‘‘thorns master hood’’), or marqui gets this fly out tux or aurx looks like a shadow over shayne or susono(naruto)

Accessories: (using thorn as an example and rath) be able to choose different weapon looks for the characters again allowing players to have their own unique feel for their character being able to choose different looking bows for thorn or blades for rath…so nothing about thorns or raths attacks dmg or etc changes but just the look of her bow and his blades and other characters etc ( rath swords idea as example )…another example having the option to put knuckle dusters for attikus, or making oscar mike be able to shoot from a different type of assault rifle, mikos kunias could give the option to choose and make them look like claws given her taunt she has like wolverine etc etc you get the point.(if i wanted galiea shield to look like this as an option out of many ) when i taunt someone after killing them i want them to see my unique design and weapon etc…(giving whiskey new helmets choices)

Again the game is awesome these are just suggestions.


Idk how hard that would be to develop but I’d throw all my money at it.
(Same goes for a custom title/clan name design)