Character data does not save / rolls back

After a friend has had their data rolled back / undone several times, and seeing a few others dealing with this issue, I tried to find out why the file doesn’t save. (PC)

  1. Plucking out the profile.sav file, reinstalling the entire game, placing profile.sav back. They got rid of every character save had for this, even their backups out of frustration. Also did a repair and a total removal and re-installation.

  2. Verifying everything is in its read-only default state, nothing weird going on with permissions on the user/system side. All normal.

  3. Tells me they power-leveled a new character (Zane) on Competition with another friend, all the way to 50, so that’s what we will use for the testing. The first time they encountered the issue on their old deleted character (Moze), they had leveled that up to 50 in Cooperation just playing the game normally. The issue in question was, only when farming with OTHERS not themself, did their progress get rolled back and lost all items farmed.

  4. Checking the profile.sav for corruption when it comes to saving. I joined their game, dropped some weapons for them to grab. They then join my game on Sanctuary, threw the items in their bank. I then threw more weapons at them to sell. They sold them, bought some SDU’s, and quit. When reloading into my game, all the bank items were sitting pretty! All the other items in their inventory and the SDU’s were rolled back…so basically the profile.sav is saving fine, but something with this fresh character save wasn’t. Let’s keep going:

  5. Had them make a brand new character (Amara), checked to see if the file had its default read-only state. They join my game on Sanctuary, I throw some items, and let them quit. I tell them to hit Play, Load Character, switch characters, then immediately switch back, and rejoin my game. Lo and behold, the items are still in their inventory! We now repeat the exact same process with the Zane save. The items vanish…

6: Were told to check our cache. Verified. No change.

We are both frazzled in terms of what is going on here, so if this scenario could be explained, what we should do next to diagnose this, or a fix, we’d be very appreciative. We love the series, and no one wants to constantly lose time and progress.