Character deleted itself

My game crashed, then I loaded it up again to get to my character I’ve been working on. I had a lvl 30 siren when it crashed and it went back to lvl 29 and the story didn’t progress since the crash. After I quit and logged out to desktop, then I reloaded the game. My character lvl 30 siren and all my stuff is gone. I did not delete my character, I cant’ find it anywhere. I’m not happen to start all over after all that progress into the story.

This happened to me today, I went out for a bit and when I got back, started my PC up again and started BL3, my character was completely gone, all I had was start new game. Fortuntately I had manually backed up my character.

That happened to me on PC yesterday as well. I don’t recall my game crashing though, I just closed it like normal. Then got in it later on to load a saved character and 2 out of my 3 were just gone. I’ve started copying the saves from game folder into a backup folder each time I exit the game now. It’s ridiculous the amount of issues surrounding this huge triple A title.

i logged in today to find my character lvl 12 fl4k was also deleted. It looks like they tried to ease my pain by giving me a level 6 Gunner but why i have no idea. Looks like ill just not play for a while until they fix this garbage. Why waste time leveling another character up just to have it delete again?

oops wrong thread ha. I’ve turned off cloud save. Maybe it won’t happen again.

haha i dont use the launcher

I just sent in a ticket to epic and 2k. I got an email back from epic, asked for a DxDiag( I don’t know how this would work if it’s their launcher but ok I sent it). They told me they don’t see a problem and sorry about my data being lost.
My name is Carlos and I’ll be glad to assist you today instead of my colleague, nice to meet you!

Thank you for providing us with the requested files, I truly appreciate your cooperation!

I have carefully revised the file provided but I was unable to find any issue with it.

For further assistance with this issue, please contact 2K Support using the following link:

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to write to us and I hope that my assistance was helpful to you. If you have any other issue in the future, please let us know and I or one of my colleagues will gladly assist you.

I hope you have a great day!

Epic regards,
Carlos T.
This is what he wrote to me. I’m a bit pissed. This does not solve my problem. How does this even fix anything when I clearly stated what was wrong? It’s like going though one ear and going out the other?

I will def do this now, this shouldn’t even be a problem.

ditto. Level 30 something fl4k, my main, completely gone. What was odd was there were 2 lvl 1 characs, an Amara and a Zane that I prolly just started to see what they were like still there. This is bloody annoying as even though only lvl 30 something, I DID do an awful lot of grinding for gear and now all the progress is gone.
This is far from the only problem, just the worst one so far. Anyone else get the feeling this was released before its’ time?

When you buy a $60 game and you’re unable to play it for whatever reasons (hard frame drops, stuttering, game crashing, character save files magically gone) yes, it was definitely not ready for launch.

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Game wasn’t ready for launch at all. It is a paid beta.

Got another email from Epic saying that the lost progress isn’t their launcher fault but my own as I didn’t back up my data manually and through their cloud. Thanks Epic games, just thanks. I just don’t understand why isn’t game auto saves like it used to in BL1, BL2, or prequel? Like auto saves at the respawns machine. I hate that epic is telling me its my fault for not backing up my data and saying it’s my computer that isn’t up to par.

yall got hacked, you need 2 factor authentication enabled. Russians hacking your accounts and overwriting your save onto thier machines.