Character Differences Betwen Their Release And Now?

EDIT: Ok, asking a NEW question in this topic now - how have all the characters changed since their releases?

I know that some have barely changed whereas others are almost like brand new characters, abilities wise.

Below is the ORIGINAL question I was asking with this topic:

Ok just randomly curious; which characters have changed / been reworked / Nerfed / buffed the most since their original release?

And how?

I’d be curious to know the differences between then and now.

It took me 3-4 months to actually start seriously branching out into characters aside from Gali, Rath, Monty, and Miko, so I never played with most of the characters in their original states.

Thanks in advance!

Mellka is definitely up there. spike could turn invisible (either through an augment or from the beginning), not to mention the constant nerfs given to her since the full release

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I would definitely say Mellka. She’s but a mere ghost of what she was. She lost health, accuracy, poison potency, everything. She was a ranged harassar/assassin/lane clearer that could hold down a lane by herself from a safe distance while very rarely being pushed out. Now she’s a joke character borderline comic relief.

I will then have to say it’s a toss up between El Dragon and Ambra.

Oh and who can forget THE ORIGINAL OP?!

Oh god, and Release-Alani was a monster. She’s still pretty damn good though, so not much has changed…but by god, SHE WAS A MONSTER! (She wasn’t Closed Beta though, so she doesn’t count…deserves a mention nonetheless)


Monster? Pffft … CTT-Rath was God :zap::zap::zap:

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@Rabid_Explosions How - why was she such a monster?

Also, I changed the question this topic is asking!

@gunzerkus How so?

Y-you really don’t remember Release-Alani?


I drink.

A lot.


I remember losing to her.

A lot.

Didn’t play her for a few months though.

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Honestly, she destroyed everything that got in her path, the stun on her bubble pretty much set up a kill. The damage helix for her riptide shredded minion waves. Her healing was outstanding and she only had to get 9 basic attacks to land to heal over 1000, even on herself, and that’s without any healing gear. On her release, she was a force to be reckoned with. And now she is still amazing, but she isn’t a one man wrecking crew anymore. People say Ernest is bad, at least he could be killed on release if you could kill an Alani when she was released, either you’re an amazing player, or they were a really bad Alani.

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Alani filled literally almost every role in the game at release.


Cuz with that speed, health and damage they never knew what hit them. And then they were dead :acmaffirmative:

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Toby was the best Battleborn at release, and he’s the best Battleborn now; the only difference is that his ult is actually USEFUL now, and that he can’t chain-stun by himself. Oh, and he got his very own Op, with arguably the funniest dialog exchanges.

Toby FTW. That is all.

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Alani had her cooldown on torrent hit at level 3 and i think it reduced cooldowns by 1 second instead of .5 seconds. Easily outdoing orendi on sheer skill spamability. Skills did more damage and bubble lasted longer I think.

Gally shield throw used to do like 200 damage base.

Poor Isic… Poor, poor Isic…

ISIC still kicks ass though…

He is more like a target drone than the mecha-godzilla that he was at release. : (


Anyone remember Atty pre-nerf? When his ult juggled whole teams for what seemed like an eternity.

Oh! How about Kleese-Balloon?

Or Marquis when he single-handedly made it so you couldn’t play any tank…

Thorn and KU got gooder

The Mellka nerfs after Mellka nerfs. Technically no buffs whatsoever.

Let us not forget that our dearest Galilea could sprint and attack and her “Link” lasers were 5 AND she got a 35% increase to attack speed based on corruption. Wait, a far stronger greatsword. Oh snap, and a stronger shield throw.


Rath poor poor Rath…


Sounds OP, glad they nerfed her

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When could Melka become invisible?