Character Drift?

Hi, new to the gearbox forums. I’m running Fl4k, and every now and again I notice my character just drifting. At first I thought it was possibly my skag pet just walking past me that was moving me, but it wasn’t. Fl4k just drifts from time to time on my screen, weird.

I play on PS4 and experience the same thing! I thought it was from my pet as well (the pets do push you from time to time) but, I noticed I was drifting as if my jabber was pushing me but he was way in front of me. Little bit annoying but most definitely weird. I wonder if the other characters do too or maybe characters have an idle animation? :thinking:

you need to increase your inner deadzone in advanced controller options :slight_smile:
the game is a little sensitive as default

ive noticed this as well and tried to correct it but it only get worse. mine drifts to the right so thinking that I could have it pull more to the left but it didn’t work
the chars in the game shouldn’t drift at all im even using a new controller