Character endings

Is anyone else hoping they do little ending clips unique for each character if you beat the game with them? Like tekken or twisted metal.


I could definitely see that being the case.

GBX was also inspired by fighting games and that is common with those games right


This would be pretty cool, make it very character-driven

I freaken hope so. Did not think of it. But now that you said it. I hope it happens.:grinning:

I just realized this is probably unlikely because you pick your character at the beginning of each level. So over the course of the campaign you’d likely play with many different characters. They could do a thing for the character you beat the last level with, but it’s not the same as playing through the entire campaign with them, so I kinda doubt it.

Yes you have a general ending when you beat every mission overall, but you have the option to choose which mission you play next. So I’m thinking if you beat every mission with a character, even after beating the game overall, unlocks the final video for that character

Yeah, considering you can unlock lore of characters (Or so i heard, and seems logical) you could unlock a special video for said character once you got all of them for the said character, or something. And maybe another one when you 100% the character (Everything unlocked)

I didn’t know about the unlockable lore thing. Damn I have no idea how I’m going to ever find the time to do everything in this game there’s just so much I want to do.

I heard it in a recent video, i’m trying to find which one. (Lots of videos about Battleborn being posted recently)

Edit: Found it

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According to my calculations, I’m going to spend one metric ■■■■ load of hours playing this game


And i know i’ll 100% Benedict in a few days.
And probably fall into a coma right after due to a lack of sleep. But eh… Can’t win them all.

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Well when i was watching mental mars skins and taunts videos i noticed that there are lore challenges so maybe that will be like story endings for characters.

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What if they did it after each level. Like an ending scene similar to the begining

I agree with this. Having a cinematic after each would really help make the story more coherent

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Well, it’s a bit late now

Could be added in at a later date

Maybe for later missions, but I doubt they’ll change the current campaign, with the exception of rebalancing and fixing bugs.

I know just wishful thinking