Character escape

This irritates me to a degree, mostly melkia’s who go spike jump then claw lunge, you kind of players I can’t stand and I want that fix if possible, my suggestion is simple, add a timer to claw lunge when melka does a spike, so your not using them for escape and using them for attacks.

She is the squishiest character un the game!!!

I’m not a melka Main but she is only ágil, nothing else!


She has great dps too. It’s not just her mobility that makes her good.

I disagree completely, and it sounds like you have the same problem i have with tracking highly mobile characters like Mellka and Caldarius. Mellka is fine; possibly UNDERPOWERED, if anything.


…but escaping is an important part of the game. Staying alive is even more important than killing. You can criticize Benedict for being able to launch into the sky, but that’s just a critical part of his utility. In the immortal words of Alice Cooper: “I escape any way I can!”


The fact you think Mellka uses Spike to escape suggests you don’t have enough familiarity with the character to be calling for nerfs on her. Spike is not an escape move and a spiking Mellka is not hard to catch.


Nerf Melka and we would probably lose @EdenSophia… We can’t let that happen!


I’ll keep playing her even if they nerf her so hard, El Dragon winces.

The fix described in the OP would have zero effect though: it seems to assume Mellka escapes by comboing from Spike to Lunge, which she doesn’t. If Mell is spiking, she is either trying to kill you, wave clearing, or wants badly to Air Stall but can’t wait three seconds for some reason.

If she wants to get out, she Lunges. As is her talent and her right.

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Tip; Use CC if you struggle with this.
Silences disable skill usage. Slows nerf movement. Stuns completely disable the character.

And one day you’ll learn how to Whiskey and then it doesn’t matter how high or far someone goes, if they’re in your LOS they’re cheddar.
I actually think I’ve shot a few people that weren’t even in my LoS anymore. Thanks servers!

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I agree with Eden, the only time you use them back to back is if you’re willing to use both skills for attack.

That said, I still use them back to back before the doors open to see how high I can get. Did you know if you get high enough the colors wash out a bit and everything goes grayscale? You can only do it on maps that don’t have a ceiling in the spawn room such as monuments or eschelon. But, it was pretty funny the first time I saw it.