Character expansion

Thoughts on if they gave zane another skill tree since the devs said they dont want to make any new characters to play and just want to expand on the characters already playable.

What would be your ideal skill tree to add to zane?

What would his action skill be?

What would be the capstone be?

Are their any 1 point skills to pick?

Idk just thinking if they did what would it be and would it be awesome or just meh?

Some thing quick like Rakk attack would even him out well and would give him access to ASE stuff. So either a Grapple hook that would either pull people to you or you to them firing off a nova based on distance traveled would be an awesome skill. You could run it with shotguns and mashers with drone. Or more long range stuff with Clone cause you can grapple in to get close than swap with clone. Augments could imbue the hook with elements. 1 pointer would allow you to shoot while zooming to enemy. Another would cause the hook to have a grenade on it based on your grenade mod.

The points would probably be based on using multi pellet weapons.

Gotta agree with Kaiune here, it’s gotta be something with either no or a low duration. I’d say at least 50% of all the meta anoints are ASE based and with most Zane builds you hardly ever get that boost. I’m not 100% how it would or should look, though, maybe some kind of mine or trap that you can lay down that doesn’t have an action skill duration attached to it, or maybe some kind of AOE debuff like a flashbang.

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I read this idea before and was my first thought reading the topic.

As a midtier or capstone I was thinkin Reset Cooldown on Kill (Seein Dead Synergyyyy) so we can get Pinball Zane. Maybe an Aug that lets him hook a gadget towards him or him towards it.

And letting him fire while grappling should be default (imagine Violent Momentum and a shotgun with this!)

While we’re at it, Nova on hit that also propels Zane away so you don’t end up in melee range of a badass anointed. This also gives the “while airborne” anoinements a good use.

Im thinking going the other way, melee Zane. Open up more variety for him, already a speed demon so he can close the distance and switch places with his clone to get outta danger. He is an operative and every operative in the field has to be trained in hand to hand combat or at the very least, knives!! His melee animation is sweet ass claws, so why not give him some kinda fast action knife throwing or melee dash that applies a debuff or bleed to an enemy? His augments could allow him to heal from it, apply poison (radiation), increase distance or radius, more targets/strikes and set off a flash bang to further disorient after striking/throwing. Capstone could be whenever Zane melees an enemy, he attaches or drops a grenade according to his currently equipped grenade mod. Or something maybe like a melee money shot, for every kill skill Zane has active when he melees an enemy, he deals 100% bonus melee damage. Idk, something different and crazy.


I was actually thinking he could have a tree where the ability just let’s him equip a 2nd pistol to one already attached idk what the focus would be but the capstone could let him throw nades again maybe idk but it would be reminiscent of bl2 gunzerker

I would like to see them do something regarding his eye patch. Make Zane auto aim and grant bonus accuracy for a few seconds or something. That would go really well with the fast movement and the freeze builds and wouldn’t really contradict the clone build.

My guess is it was already hinted at in the game.

Grapple hook, jet pack, and left handed guns

One going to Flak Zane and Moze then with Amara getting some new siren power

I could make a case for each going to each of the VH.

If there was a one point wonder skill that simply outlines enemies so I can shoot them that would be happy.

One of the main reasons I’ve fallen in love w playing Zane is the Sntl lights up enemies for me.

Maybe I’m just getting old but I can’t see ish in this game.

Sounds like me, when I started playing battlefield back in the day