Character gets stuck on BL2 and PreSeq

I’ve submitted this to Support but all they tell me is verify your game cache.

Scenario. . .
In Borderlands 2, Krieg can’t walk into Tannis’s office without jumping at the entrance, it’s as if there is a misplaced invisible brush on the ground.

In PreSequel the same thing happens a lot but it also affects Jack, who gets stuck getting onto the beginning game elevator. Playing right now as the Baroness she’s getting that ‘stuck’ behavior a lot, especially at the top of stairs.

I’ve checked and rechecked the Steam game files, the rest of everything works perfectly.
System: Intel i7 4 nVidia GTX660 Windows 7 Ult ‘N’ 64-Bit


Only Kreig, or any character? I get stuck sometimes, but only because I can’t walk straight…

I’ve seen other players report Jack getting stuck at the elevator. Not sure what to suggest, other than it’s a known intermittent bug.

In terms of general textures, there are a number of areas in both games where you can get stuck on apparently nothing. Stairs in particular, if you are too far forward on the step the game won’t let you step up properly; try backing off a little bit and then jumping.

Thanks, yes I do back-off and jump in both games.
Of course Krieg does have body mass additions, I’ll test the same spots with Maya soon, primarily I play Krieg.

I always have to jump over the curbstone to the door to Tannis, with every character iirc. But only if i go straight to the door. When i enter this spot a little from the right everything is fine.

Thanks! Good to know it’s not just me.