Character gone on different pc

So I go back and forth between my mother nd fathers house and i originally got the game at my fathers house and played for hours on it got myself up to level 28 and then I had to go to my mothers so i redownloaded the game thinking everything would just save over like previous games and that is not the case I do not see my character and it is making me start a new game I cannot continue… How do I fix this im pretty angry and disappointed right now,
Little update i went to my other computer to check if i still had my ■■■■ and everything got wiped my level 28 character gone my game save gone its all ■■■■■■■ gone and im ■■■■■■■ furious i never had to deal with this ■■■■■■■■ on steam or with borderlands 2 so like what the ■■■■ is happening can i get my ■■■■ back or no

Same here… different computers as well, i lost my character too…need help here…><