Character Health

I tried researching this but all I got were general guides. My question is how is our overall health number determined? I know how it works on our shields and is pretty much what the shield number is translates to our overall shield. But what about our health.

Sunday night I noticed my health was at 1192 and after changing a few weapons around it jumped to 4419. I checked the weapons I swapped to and saw nothing about any of them adding health, so what gives? I’ve since played a few more hours and my health number has stayed the same. I’d really like to figure this out if anybody has any clues.

Sounds like you were wearing a loaded dice artifact. The artifact reduces max health by 75% in exchange for increased drop rates.

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It scales with levels, your guardian rank can effect it. Many shields effect it, artifacts can as well and I assume class mods but I don’t know which ones off the top of my head.

Things can also reduce your health as well.


Hmmm, I had though I had checked my artifact but I’ll look again. Thanks for the tip.

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