Character Idea: Cael, the Avian

Character Idea: Cael, the Avian

Name: David Reilly
Alias: The Avian
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Bio: David was an aspiring engineer from the planet Eden-5. When he heard about Maliwan’s “Young Inventors” program and that the prize was an automatic invitation to work for the company, he immediately started working on his dream project in the hopes that it would be enough to secure him a job. When David showed up at the program, his Wearable Navigation Glider Mk. 5 (WNG-5) absolutely blew the competition out of the water. Unfortunately, instead of giving him a job as promised, Maliwan attempted to reward him with “exposure”. More specifically, exposure to the vacuum of space. David managed to escape and stow away on the nearest rocket. Much to his dismay, the rocket was bound for Pandora.

Action Skill: WNG-5

(Disclaimer: The picture isn’t mine, it’s just very close to my idea of what WNG-5 would look like)

Duration: 15 seconds
Cooldown: 40 seconds
Effect: Cael’s mechanical wings activate and temporarily grant him the ability to fly. While Cael is airborne, he receives a significant increase in accuracy and handling while enemies receive a massive penalty to their aim. When Cael is not airborne, the wings will grant powerful damage reduction. Cael will Divebomb if he is still airborne when the action skill ends, dealing massive damage in a large radius.

Skill Trees

Archangel: This skill tree is focused on avoiding damage, dealing fire damage, and increasing movement speed.

Cyborg: This skill tree is focused on directly buffing Cael’s gunplay.

Experimental Features: This skill tree is focused on melee damage, damage reduction, and dealing shock damage.


I know Gearbox has already said that there won’t be any DLC characters, but I had way too much fun making this guy. I’m currently working on a second character that’s going to be the “soldier class”.