Character Idea: Captain Scarlett

Character Idea: Captain Scarlett

Captain Scarlett is a daring pirate queen who rockets across the seas and deserts aboard her grand SAND SKIFF. Or at least, she used to; following her unfortunate defeat at the hands of the VAULT HUNTERS, her unpaid crew mutinied, and her sandskiff was destroyed in the ensuing chaos. From the wreckage and body parts, she salvaged enough to craft herself a SAND SKIMMER, her action skill that allows her to quickly move about the battlefield. Now, she searches the stars for loot and treasure, and most importantly, ADVENTURE!(also loot.)

Captain Scarlett has three trees, each focused on a different aspect of the PIRATES LEGEND. Her first tree, CAPTAIN, is based around enhancing her Sand Skimmer and team capabilities. Her second tree, SWASHBUCKLER, is focused on her personal abilities as a dashing swordswoman, sharpshooter, and cunning opponent(or (temporary) ally). Finally, her CURSE tree allows her access to legendary bonuses, but each tied to equally dangerous curses. Meddle with curses at your own risk!

Action Skill: Sand Skimmer

Duration: 15 seconds

Cooldown: 40 seconds.
Effect: Captain Scarlett digistructs her Sand Skimmer, a hoverboard that allows her to quickly navigate the battlefield. Up to +100% movement speed, but its momentum means it takes a short time to accelerate or decelerate. The Skimmer’s hovering effect attempts to keep it approximately half a meter off the ground, but clever use of this effect can allow the user to launch themselves higher with well-timed jumps. Attacking while at higher speeds allows Scarlett to strike enemies with her saber while passing, and provides bonus melee damage, up to +250%.

The Skimmer starts out ragged and broken, but as her skills advance, it becomes more advanced and refined, culminating in its advancement to the highly-advanced and refined Flagship.

Action Skill Bonus Effects

Captain Scarlett’s Action Skill Effects are related to her Sand Skimmer and her Pirate’s Hook. She can, for example, cause her Sand Skimmer to leave a Trail of Fire behind it as it flies, dealing incendiary damage over time to enemies behind her, or she can outfit it with a Ramming Prow, dealing heavy damage to enemies she collides with at high speed.

Her Hook, by contrast, can be swapped out for a variety of different Piratical Options. For example, a Blunderbuss, which gives her a melee override to shoot a short-ranged, inaccurate - but powerful - spray of bullets, damaging and knocking back both her and her target. Alternatively, her Tesla Saber can steal the shields of enemies and add them to her own reserve, and her cursed Ghost Sword can slip through enemy shields and other defenses entirely, ignoring them at the cost of damage to Scarlett herself.

:black_flag: Captain :black_flag:

Spyglass (0/5)

Captain Scarlett gains improved Accuracy and Critical Damage based on how fast she is moving. This bonus is further enhanced while on her Sand Skimmer.

Up to +7% Accuracy and 4% Critical Hit Damage at normal walking speed.

Man Overboard (0/1)

Enhances Scarlett’s Action Skill, allowing other players to hitch a ride on her Sand Skimmer.

Hoist the Mains’l(0/5)

+2s Duration for Sand Skimmer. +6% Shield Capacity, +15% Shield Regeneration Speed

The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves(0/3)

Killing enemies with melee gives Scarlett and her allies bonus Reload Speed and Weapon Swap Speed for a short time.

+8.33% per level.

Turn the Tide (0/3)

Killing enemies with bullets gives Scarlett and her allies bonus Health Regeneration and Explosive Damage for a short time.

+1% Health Regeneration, +5% as Explosive Damage.

Hyper-Jets (0/3)

Increases the max speed and acceleration on the Sand Skimmer. If forward has been held and neither left or right have been pressed for five seconds, Hyper-Jets activate, and this bonus is tripled until forward is released or forward movement is interrupted. While Hyper-Jets are active, turn speed is reduced.

+10% movement speed and acceleration.


Sand Skimmer gains side-facing Heavy Guns that deal heavy damage to any enemies on either side. This skill is activated by pressing her action skill activation key a second time, and can be used once per use of Sand Skiff.

Evasive Maneuvers(0/5)

Following a Kill, Captain Scarlett and her allies can Dodge enemy fire. Reduced effectiveness for allies, or while not on her Sand Skimmer.

Take no damage from every 8/7/6/5/4th shot while Sand Skimmer is active. Scarlett and allies dodge every 13/11/9/7/5th shot otherwise.

Abandon Ship(0/1)

If Scarlett goes into FFYL while on her Sand Skimmer, the Skimmer will continue in a straight line for a short while before violently exploding.

Flagship (0/1)
Captain Scarlett’s Sand Skimmer becomes a Flagship. Allies and Scarlett gain +40% Kill Skill Duration while it is active, and Scarlett’s Sand Skimmer now fires non-homing Cannonballs every few seconds at Scarlett’s most recent target.

:dagger:Swashbuckler :dagger:

Breach Loading(0/5)

+7% Reload Speed.

This bonus is doubled briefly when swapping to an empty weapon.

An Elegant Weapon(0/1)

Carefully-timed melee strikes can reflect incoming bullets or melee blows, making them deal no damage and potentially returning the blow to sender.

After taking or blocking damage, deal +50/100/150/200/250% bonus melee damage on your next melee attack.

Shiver me Timbers(0/5)

+4% Weapon Damage

Additional +4% Damage to Grenadier-Type Weapons.


+33% Melee Speed/Rate

-10% Melee Damage

Nec Pluribus Impar(0/1)
Splash damage can crit.

Coup de Grace(0/3)

A successful critical melee blow while Scarlett is at low health will restore a substantial amount of her health. A critical melee kill will always fully restore her health.



:skull_and_crossbones: Curse :skull_and_crossbones:

The Wind on My Face(0/4)

The Sea takes, but it also gives.

Up to -0.5% health regen, depending on how full your health is.

Up to +1% Ammo Regeneration, depending how full your health is.

The Spray of the Sea(0/1)

Bitter Salt

-50% FFYL Time
+100% Damage and Movement Speed in FFYL


FFYL is replaced by Cursed Fury. Upon going into FFYL, the player is resurrected at 50% health, constantly loses health, and gains bonus melee damage. Melee blows steal life: Upon reaching full health, the player is returned to normal play. Running out of health in this state causes instant death. While in Cursed Fury, the player cannot be rezzed by other players, but taking another player to FFYL will return them to life.

Smooth Bore (0/5)

+10% Weapon Damage, Additional +10% Damage with Explosive Damage

-20% accuracy.


+2.5% Health Regen for a few seconds after hitting an enemy.
Cannot be healed by Health Vials or Transfusion Grenades.

St. Elmo’s Fire.(0/3)

Light your Skimmer’s rigging with ghostly fire. Taking damage while on your Sand Skimmer reduces its duration by 0.5 seconds. Dealing damage while on your sand skimmer increases its duration by 1 seconds. This skill has a short cooldown and diminishing returns.

Ghost Ship(0/1)

Sand Skimmer’s duration is removed. Instead, take gradually increasing health damage as long as it remains active. Additional duration bonuses now slow damage scaling.

Midnight Star(0/3)

-1 Grenade Capacity

+25% Grenade Damage
+50% Grenade Splash Radius
+100% Grenade Self-Damage

Smoke or Mirrors(0/5)

Enemy attacks have a 10/20/30/40/50% chance to miss, dealing no damage. Enemy attacks deal 11/25/42/66/100% more damage.

Broken Mirror(0/3)

They say it lasts seven years.

When an enemy damages you, they take 10/20/30% more damage for a short time. Whenever the player finds a rare weapon in a chest, they will also find a live grenade.

The Black Spot(0/3)

Meleeing an enemy marks and binds the player to that enemy. Damage to that enemy heals the player by 3%. However, damage done to the player also heals that enemy. Meleeing empty air clears the mark from both the player and the enemy.


A cursed life.

+17% Damage as Radiation
Radiation Aura Damage to nearby enemies.
Enemies killed by radiation damage are briefly revived as allies.

Player cannot go above 55% health.

AUTHORS NOTE: Anyways, that’s the gist of it! Open to suggestions, as I kinda ran out of ideas for skills, but then again, I’ve only been working on it for a few hours. I always loved the character of Captain Scarlett, and I think it would be really cool to see her come back again with an interesting and different skill tree.


My best friend no joke was theorizing a skill tree and character set up for Scarlett as a DLC character like a week ago. I would love for her to be made a playable character however I guess Gearbox wants to hunker down on current characters. All that being said I would love to see Scarlett as a player character. Can never get enough of the swashbuckler feel of Pirate’s Booty.


I really liked Captain Scarlett and her pirate’s booty (:stuck_out_tongue:), so I hope we get to meet her again in this game.

If she gets made into a vault hunter, even better.


Honestly, I feel like she has the most distinctive character of any villain introduced in the DLC’s, and she perfectly fits the role of a Vault Hunter. Clever and conniving, backstabbing and tricky, but also good-spirited even when being beaten. Compare her to, say, Piston, or Nakayama? There’s no comparison.

Combine all that with the awesomeness of the pirate theme? It’s just absolutely perfect for a vault hunter. Past that, all that remains is an action skill(sailing, obviously!) and some interesting skill trees. And honestly, I’m super proud of the idea of a Cursed skill tree, if not the execution so much.

I’d really be interested in ideas for proper curses. The one thing I like is the idea of turning her FFYL into one of the Cursed Pirates from her DLC. Those things were nightmarish, so becoming one would be extremely entertaining. The rest, though…well, I’m open to ideas.

This looks awesome! I love the trees and how they all have a different flavor to them. Is the Sandskimmer like Iron Bear in that it’s a general action skill with different upgrades in each tree? Cause I can see Captain focusing on adding guns and speed, swashbuckler adding defense and that ram you mentioned, and Curse giving it a ghost ship vibe with different elemental effects. Ooh! Like a mist that deals cryodamage to enemies that get too close!

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Scarlette is love and most enjoyable character in the whole game