Character Idea: Gidget the Alpha

Name: Gidget (WIP)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Occupation: Previously Occupied in hideouts with an Animal Protection group focused on Preventing the experimentation of Slag on the wildlife of Pandora, eventually leading to the establishment of a relationship with two Skags that were saved from the wildlife Exploitation Preserve after saving their lives with the use of Cybernetic enhancements, making them Aggressive, violent, and really Aggressive…er, I mean, annoyed, really really annoyed

Action Skill: Hunting Pack
Description: Uncloak and set loose your two skags. Radar (A male spitter skag) will attack at a realtive distance, firing globs of corrosive saliva from it’s mouth, and Splice (A female Adult Skag) will prefer to get up close and personal with her prey, choosing instead to use her jaws as the most effective weapon to dispatch of her enemies

Skill Tree #1: Girl’s Best Friend
The ‘Girl’s Best Friend’ skill tree focuses primarily on upgrading both Radar and Spice in a variety of ways, granting Splice the ability to inject a volatile substance into her foes with each bite with the use of tiny injectors which are connected to every one of her teeth, You are also capable of changing the substance in which she injects by scrolling through a list of useful concoctions which she can utilise in a variety of situations, this idea also applies to Radar, who is capable of spitting out a highly unstable substance which is capable of exploding with the slightest touch, this can also be modified to spit out a very conductible substance which is also combined with electricity in order to leave behind a patch of electric liquid capable of damaging foes within its radius

Skill Tree #2: Pack leader
The ‘Pack Leader’ skill tree focuses mainly on the benefits both you and your skags will receive depending whether or not they are in combat, If they are in combat, you ill be able to receive a ‘Pack bonus’, this is also passed on to any other vault hunters that may be in your game and is also multiplied by the number of extra members there are in your game, the pack bonus includes you and your team gaining damage reduction as well as an increase in damage that you deliver yourself, this tree also allows you to benefit from your skags when they are cloaked from combat as well, with one skill allowing Splice to temporarily exit stealth so she can pin down any small-sized threats so you can take them down more effeciently, doing so will reduce the cooldown of your action skill by 2 seconds, allowing your skags to wreak more havoc more effeciently

Skill Tree 3#: Lone Wolf
The ‘Lone Wolf’ skill tree focuses mainly on you and less on your skags, however the skags still serve a minor purpose in this skill tree, however this skill tree focuses mainly on you benefiting from the skags remaining in stealth, with one skill allowing you to also enter a cloaked state similar to your skags for a set amount of time, in addition there is also another skill that allows Radar to Reveal an enemy to you, allowing you to gain significantly increased damage when attacking said target

And there you have it, the idea is still a WIP, with plenty of ideas coming to mind regarding what will be involved in each skill tree, I might even perhaps decide to change the ‘Lone
Wolf’ skill tree or even ditch the idea, but let me know what you think of this concept idea for a vault hunter, I’ve also got plenty more ideas in my mind as well, including ideas for a loader-type vault hunter, but that’s also a Work In Progress, For now…


I like it. Sounds like a mix of zero, Wilhelm, and Axton


Wow…yes, thread necro - I don’t care. You young pups have no staying power. This is an incredible build. Also a great NPC to throw into my fanfic.

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