Character idea: Ikara the bandit lord

just a kinda dumb character idea i had, fleshed it out a little but it’s pretty rough atm. hope you enjoy n stuff. Probably super imbalanced and could be better, any suggestions/criticisms would be nice.

Ikara the bandit lord.

Ex-bandit warlord of the “Flayer” clan. Ikara was once a Dahl military engineer who left for dead on pandora, losing his arm in the process. During the events of BL1 he acted as a lone wolf, often taking out entire bandit clans on his own and using their scavenged loot to upgrade his mechanical arm. After the death of captain Flynt, Ikara gathered the remaining flesh rippers and formed the Flayer clan, over time the clan became notorious for its treatment of traitors, with punishments often being carried out by Ikara himself. Ikara has since become a lone wolf again after his clan joined the children of the vault and has reluctantly answered Lilith’s call for vault hunters as he sees it as his best shot at revenge on Tyreen and his ex-clan.

Ikara’s mechanical arm:

A mix between bandit and high-tech, featuring a spinning Maliwan core on the upper arm below the shoulder, the rest of the arm is a mix of hyperion tech scavenged from helios, with a scruffy bandity shoulder pad bearing a broken “Flayer” insignia. This shoulder pad is his class mod, swapping it out changes the emblem and look of the shoulder pad. The melee arm uses digistruct tech to do most of its effects, with slight changes to how the hand/forearm look depending on the melee augment.

Gimmick: permanent melee override from mechanical arm, which can be upgraded.

Ikara can add two augments to his mechanical arm, one primary, one secondary. The primary augment gives both the active and passive effect. The secondary only gives the secondary effect.

Digi-Scythe: Arm augment.

Standard melee attack that makes enemies bleed for additional damage over time.
Bleed damage: 10% of melee damage every second over 4 seconds.
Passive effect: deal increased damage against bleeding targets. +20%

Skill tree 1: Gathering storm, high risk, high reward skill tree. lots of self damage with damage buffs, emphasis on shock damage.

Action skill, Livewire:

Ikara overcharges, electrifying his entire body for a period and disabling all non-lifesteal healing. Lightning arcs from his body to a nearby enemy every second and his melee deals bonus shock damage. Can be ended early refunding the remaining duration to the cooldown.

Duration: 12 seconds. Cooldown: 35 seconds.
Bonus melee shock damage: +35% Lightning damage: 9 Self-damage: 3% of max shield per second. (can damage health)

Tier 1:

Faulty wiring (0/5): -5% max shield per point. +3% damage.

Thunder punch: (0/1): Killing an enemy with Ikara’s melee make’s his next shot fire twice, with the second shot deal reduced damage. Second shot damage: 45%

Surge: (0/5): Chieftain skill.
Dealing gun damage while his shields are up restores Ikara’s shield. 1.4% of damage dealt per point.

Close Combat: Action Skill augment.
Ikara’s next melee effect ends the action skill and deals bonus shock and fire damage, also damaging Ikara for 30% of his max shield. If the melee effect kills an enemy then Ikara is refunded this cost. Duration: 6 seconds. Cooldown: 14 seconds. +250% melee damage, split 50/50 between shock and fire damage.

Tier 2:

Charged mags: (0/5)
+6% increased recharge delay per point. +6% reload speed per point.

Risky business: (0/3)
Taking damage reflects a portion of the damage as shock damage.
+2.5% shock damage returned per point.

Broken Aegis: (0/5)
When Ikara’s shield is down he gains gun damage and action skill damage.
+6% gun damage per point.
+6% action skill damage per point.

Tesla trap: Arm augmentation.
Ikara shoots out a shock bolt, that sticks to an enemy or the ground, that explodes when shot, dealing shock damage and arcing to nearby enemies, including you.
Damage: 15% of gun damage plus melee damage. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Passive effect: Being damaged by elemental damage creates a nova centred around Ikara.
Damage: 11 Cooldown: 3 seconds.

Tier 3:

Rage (0/1):
The lower health you are the more damage you deal.
Up to 30% increased damage at half hp. Up to 70% increased damage at 0 hp.

Haywire: Action Skill augment.
No longer grants melee damage or damages Ikara over time, instead converts gun damage to shock, makes every bullet deal splash damage and gives a 10% chance for them to arc lightning to a nearby enemy. Firing bullets damages Ikara.
50% shock damage conversion. Cooldown: 42 seconds.

Tier 4:

Rebound (0/5) : Chieftain Kill Skill.
When Ikara kills an enemy, he gains fire rate and crit damage.
Bonuses doubled when shields are depleted. Bonuses tripled if health is also under half hp.
Duration: 7 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
+3% fire rate per point. +2% crit damage per point.

Overload (0/1):
Ikara can spread any status effect affecting him to any enemy he touches. Enemies can spread their status effects to him. Can only happen once per enemy.
Status effect damage: +15%

Payback (0/1): Second wind kill skill.
Gaining a second wind grants Ikara fire rate, movement speed and instantly reloads his currently equipped weapon.
Duration: 30 seconds.
Fire rate: +6% per point. Movement speed: +4% per point.

Bear arm: Arm augmentation.
Ikara slams the ground dealing explosive shock damage in a line. If Ikara ground slams it is instead an aoe blast.
Damage: 50. Self-damage: 20% of maximum shield. (can damage health)
Cooldown: 7 seconds. Passive effect: Dealing melee damage costs health but returns health for each enemy hit.
Health cost: 10% hp. Health return: 5% hp.

Tier 5:

Deathwish: (0/3)
Taking damage under 25% hp grants Ikara a stack of Deathwish. Each stack of Deathwish grants him gun damage and movement speed. Stacks are lost upon entering FFYL or shield reaching max. Max Stacks: 25
+1.33% gun damage per stack per point. +2% movement speed per stack perpoint.

Lightning shock: (0/1)
Dealing a critical hit smites the enemy, dealing shock damage to it. If Ikara is close enough to the enemy he also arcs lightning onto them, dealing bonus damage to both.
Damage: 10. Bonus damage: 40%. Cooldown: 4 seconds.

Bullet storm: (0/3)
Gain a stack of bullet storm every second you are firing your weapon. Take increased damage per stack. Grants team increased shock damage per stack. +1.7% damage taken per stack. +1.4% shock damage per stack.
Stacks infinitely. Stacks are lost when you stop firing.


Glass cannon:
Reduced Max HP.
When Ikara gets to 0 HP he refuses to go into fight for your life for a few seconds gaining life steal for the duration. Skill has a cooldown. Getting to max hp resets cooldown.
-30% hp. +25% life steal.
Duration: 7 seconds. Cooldown: 35 seconds

Shock shiv: Arm augmentation.
Ikara’s arm stores the damage he takes, up to a cap, his melee also deals damage in an arc.
Damage cap: 25% of damage taken. Up to 100. Cooldown: 1 second.
Passive effect: Every time lightning arcs from one enemy to another (including you.) there is a 20% chance for it to arc back.

Skill tree 2: War chief. Support/radiation focused build.

Action skill:

Battle Shout:
Ikara lets out a shout and reduces damage taken for the next few seconds. Any damage taken during this time will be stored and released as a radiation shockwave at the end of the duration.
Self slow: 40%. Damage reduction: 50%
Duration: 9 seconds. Cooldown: 35 seconds

Tier 1:

Stim pack: (0/5)
Dealing damage grants Ikara and his team mates health regen.
+0.2% max hp health regen per second per point. Duration: 3 seconds.

Amp Shot: (0/3)
Ikara’s shots/melee while his shield is above 50% deal bonus damage and drain his shield. Half of this bonus damage is returned to the ally with the lowest % full shield. Damage return doubled for crits.
Damage/Drain: 1.5% max shield per point.

Toxicity (0/5): Chieftain skill.
+2.5% elemental damage per point. Bonus doubled for radiation.

Target priority: Arm augmentation.
Ikara’s melee no longer deals damage, instead it marks an enemy, increasing the damage that unit takes, scaling with melee damage. (melee crits double the duration)
Increased damage: +35%. Duration: 6 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds per target.
Passive effect: Applying a status effect to an enemy reduces the damage they deal or the duration of the effect.
-20% damage.

Tier 2:

Bulwark (0/5): Chieftain skill.
+8% elemental damage reduction per point. +4% shield recharge rate per point.

The big show: (0/3)
Gain increased gun damage for every enemy targeting Ikara.
+2% per enemy per point. Up to 30%

Quick Fix (0/5): Chieftain skill.
Ikara gains a stack of quick fix whenever a nearby enemy becomes affected by a status effect. Gains increased accuracy and action skill cooldown rate. Max stacks: 5
+2% increased accuracy per point. +1% action skill cooldown rate per point.

Healing Burst: Action skill augment.
Ikara loses the damage resistance. Instead he taunts all nearby enemies, storing all damage dealt and releasing a healing mist afterwards that heals Ikara and his allies for the total amount of damage taken over time.
Healing mist duration: 4 seconds. Cooldown: 26 seconds.

Tier 3:

Commander: (0/1)
After using his melee attack Ikara’s chieftain skills also affect his allies.
Chieftain skills gain increased effectiveness (only when solo): +20%
Duration: 10 seconds. Cooldown: 26 seconds.

Caustic Mags (0/3): Chieftain skill.
Ikara’s guns deals bonus radiation damage for a few seconds while and after reloading.
Bonus damage: +15%. Duration: 3 seconds.

Tier 4:

Pick your shots: (0/5)
Gain a stack of pick your shots every second while not shooting gaining increased gun damage. Shooting consumes all stacks. Max Stacks: 4. Gun damage: +10% per point.

Spread the plague: (0/5):
After using an action skill Ikara and his teammates gain increased elemental effect chance and damage.
+5% elemental effect chance per point. +4% elemental effect damage per point. Duration: 8 seconds.

Wait for it: (0/3)
Increased charge time. Increased mag size, tripled for maliwan weapons.
+18% increased charge time per point. +6% increased mag size per point.

Vampire Knives: Arm Augmentation.
Ikara’s melee deals heavily reduced damage. They also slow the enemy and make them more susceptible to melee damage. The melee debuff stacks.
Melee damage: 30%. Max Stacks: 6
Melee damage increase: +20% per point. Slow: 20%
Duration: 4 seconds. Cooldown: 3 seconds.
Passive effect: While Ikara is regaining health, he gains bonus elemental damage. +15% elemental damage.

Tier 5:

Gamma singularity: (0/1)
Before an enemy explodes from radiation damage, they create a singularity that drags in nearby enemies.
Damage: 12. Cooldown: 12 seconds.

Valley of death: (0/3)
After killing an enemy with his action skill. Ikara shares part of his total damage bonuses to his allies.
Duration: 12 seconds. Damage share: 12% per point.

Bastion: Action skill augment.
Ikara gains 100% damage damage reduction but heavily reduced duration. All damage blocked is stored and released as a radiation shockwave dealing twice the damage taken. Duration: 4 seconds. Cooldown: 24 second cooldown.


Plague doctor: (0/1)
Dealing radiation damage heals Ikara over time. In coop if Ikara is over 50% hp then he heals the lowest health ally instead. (Can still be him). Heal: 5% max hp per second. Duration: 3 seconds. Cooldown: 7 seconds.

Cataclysm: Arm Augment.
Ikara’s melee shoots a tether out to an enemy, dealing damage over time. If the enemy dies before the tether ends, then Ikara and his allies gain fire rate.
Melee duration: 3 seconds. Buff duration: 5 seconds. Buff: +35% fire rate. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Passive effect: explosion size from radiation effect doubles in size.

Skill tree 3: Executioner. High mobility melee/crit damage tree.

Action skill:

Retribution: Ikara dashes a short distance in any direction, dealing damage based off Ikara’s melee damage to all enemies he hits along the way. Igniting all enemies hit along the way.
Damage: 100% of melee. Cooldown: 13 seconds. Ignite damage: 15% of melee. Ignite duration: 3 seconds.

Tier 1:

Weaving: (0/5)
+5% increased melee damage per point. Bonuses doubled after scoring a critical hit for a short time.
Duration: 4 seconds.

Judge: (0/3)
Dealing critical damage grants Ikara a stack of Judge. Granting movement speed per stack. Activating his action skill consumes these stacks to increases his gun damage for a few seconds.
Max stacks: 3 Duration: 5 seconds Gun damage: 3.33% per stack per point.

Skull tap (0/5): Chieftain skill.
Gain increased crit damage. Bonuses doubled for a few seconds after using melee.
+2% crit damage per point. Duration: 6 seconds.

Crush Claw: Melee augment.
Increased range on melee. Increased melee damage.
Melee damage: +35%. Cooldown: 2 seconds.
Passive effect: +25% increased damage against enemies under 50% hp. Doubled for incendiary damage.

Tier 2:

Stone Skin (0/1): Chieftain skill.
For each nearby enemy, up to 20, gain:
+1.5% Increased movement speed per point. +2% Increased gun damage per point.

Hollow shells: (0/5)
+6% increased bullet speed per point. +4% increased fire rate per point.

Cowards: (0/5)
Deal increased damage to enemies who have their backs turned to you. Bonus damage: +12% per point.

Follow through: Action Skill augment.
Deals reduced damage but it’s cooldown resets if initial damage kills a target.
Damage: 30% of melee. Ignite damage: 50% of melee
Ignite duration: 3 seconds. Cooldown: 18 seconds.

Tier 3:

Jury: (0/3)
After using his melee Ikara gains increased crit damage and fire rate.
Duration: 5 seconds.
+7% crit damage. +5% fire rate.

Power shot: Action skill augment.
Ikara dashes a short distance, dealing no damage at all but his next shot deals bonus incendiary damage based on his melee damage. Bonus damage can be affected by crits.
Bonus damage: 70% of melee damage. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Tier 4:

Shredding rounds: (0/3)
Scoring a critical hit causes the enemy to bleed for a few seconds, dealing damage over time, if target is already bleeding then the bleed duration is reset. Damage: 10% of melee damage per second for 4 seconds.

Fill them with lead: (0/5)
Increased damage while reloading and for a while after.
Bonus damage: +5% per point. Duration: 4 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Resets on critical kill.

Improved hydraulics: (0/3)
+15% increased melee damage per point. -10% melee cooldown per point.

Target reticle: Arm augment.
Ikara paints 3 nearby enemies (5 if the melee is a crit), marking them and revealing their crit points. The mark can stack up to 3 times. The next crit against these enemies deal increased damage and consume the mark. Bonus crit damage: 50% + 10% of melee bonus. Cooldown: 12 seconds.
Passive effect: critical damage heals Ikara for 2.5% of his max hp. 3 second cooldown.

Tier 5:

Adaptive reflexes (0/5): Chieftain skill:
Gain increased gun damage when you are close to enemies. Gain crit damage when there are no enemies nearby
+5% gun damage per point. +5% crit damage per point.

Executioner: (0/1)
Kill skill. Killing an enemy with his action skill causes his next melee attack to be a guaranteed crit and resets its cooldown. Cooldown: 4 seconds.

Fury: (0/5)
After using his melee Ikara’s crit damage is increased by a % of his bonus melee damage.
Duration: 4 seconds. Crit damage increase: 4% per point.


Line ‘em up: (0/1)
Every 8th shot is a guaranteed crit.

Chain hook: Arm augment.
When targeting a far away enemy he drags them to him dealing reduced cryo damage. If the enemy is close instead he deals full melee cryo damage. Cooldown: 3 seconds. Hook damage: 40%
Passive effect: Increased damage when dealing fire damage to an enemy affected by cryo or radiation.
Bonus damage: +30%

Potential anointed/class mod effects:


• Digi-scythe melee now hits twice and applies twice the length of bleeding. Now has a 2 second cooldown
• Killing a bleeding enemy resets his melee cooldown.
• Digi-scythe is now a ranged attack that deals damage in a line and can pass through enemies.
• All melee damage deals X element instead.
• Dealing damage to a bleeding target grants X buff. Either strong buff for just Ikara or weaker buff for team.


• Make executioner action skill have two stacks.
• Executioner dash skills deals increased ignite damage but also ignite Ikara
• After using executioner action skills, dealing cryo damage reduces the cooldown by a bit.
• After using an action skill leave fire trails behind you as you move, which deal damage.
• Executioner action skills deal X elemental damage instead of incendiary. Also changes chain hook and crush claw.
• Executioner action skills deal reduced damage and deal no elemental damage but apply the same bleed Digi- scythe does.
• Target reticle only applies to 2 enemies but instantly applies two stacks.
• Chain hook slows any enemy hit by it for a lot.
• Crush Claw has a guaranteed status effect of X element. Can replace incendiary passive bonus damage.

War chief:

• Increase Healing done by a % after using an action skill.
• War chief skills also increase team’s damage/accuracy/movement speed/etc. after using for a few seconds.
• All healing Ikara applies to himself is reduced and turned into damage but increases the damage he deals by a percentage while he is being damaged by these effects.
• Target priority now targets allies instead of enemies, granting them two increased effects for the duration.
• Cataclysm now affects 2 enemies, granting increased benefits if both are killed.
• Vampire knife heals Ikara and grants him a stacking damage reduction against X element/non-elemental for a few seconds.
• Chieftain skills also apply to allies after using an action skill.

Gathering Storm:

• On using an action skill gain increased damage but also increased damage taken.
• Tesla trap deals reduced damage but shoots out 3 mines? Idk
• Bear arm grants Ikara a shield based on the damage he deals.
• Shock shiv heals and grants move speed based on damage dealt.
• Gain increased melee damage depending on how low your hp is
• Heal nearby allies for a percentage of the damage you take.
• Gathering storm is now X element instead of shock.

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I genuinely love the look of this character, and genuinely hope something very similar to this gets put in to the game. However, compared to the other characters right now, his number buffs seem a little too strong. Lower the numbers, and make his Glass Cannon capstone not completely reset on full health, to prevent being immortal once you get good gear. Have it half the cooldown and it seems good, instead of completely removing it. Very cool character design nonetheless