Character Idea: Mercenary

I posted this on another thread a long time ago and still think it would be a nice character with a very unique setup that hasn’t been tried before in the other borderlands yet.

Would really like to play something like this as a melee or grenade setup or actually having a setup where non-elemental weapons actually become something you would want if you wanted to go into that and still be viable.

Please note that the ratios are just off the top of my head so don’t knock the non-existent napkin math and mainly just look at the concept behind it.

Class: Mercenery or maybe called a Demolitions Expert.
Description: Looks like Dolf Dundren from Expendables 3 a little with a robotic hand.

Action Skill: My Little Friend: (Duration 20 seconds, Cool down 90 seconds): Robotic hand changes into a minigun. Fires at bullets that deal 30% additional damage than the gun equip at double the fire rate while consuming no ammuntion. The bullets are of the same element as the equip gun, ricochet, and heal the user for 20% of all damage done. Can swap weapons while active and My Little Friend will adapt to the new item used. Only single pellets are used for calculations and rockets only receive 3.5% of damage with fire rate of 10. Counts as an Assault Rifle.

Trees: Grenader, Hail of Gun Fire, Knuckle Under:

Tier 1:
Grenade specialist (1 Rank): Grenades may now be slotted into weapon slots and will show up in your gun hand when equip, throw this grenade with your fire button like a weapon. My Little Friend will treat the grenade as a gun with 5% of the grenades damage per bullet at a fire rate of 10.0. Can also throw equip grenades while in Fight For Your Life.

Grenade Horder (4 Ranks): Increase grenade capacity by 100% per rank. Also regenerates 1 grenade every [60- (10 x Rank)] seconds.

Tier 2:
Carpet Bomb (5 Ranks): Increases the radius of Grenade blasts and AoE by 10% per rank.

Slow Persistence (5 Ranks): Increases the duration of grenade AoE by 20% per rank while slowing all enemies in it by 10% per rank.

Tier 3:
Adaptive Grenades (1 Rank): When a grenade is equip aiming turns your hand into a grenade launcher with a laser site. Any grenade fired this way will act as a longbow to it’s destination with a zero second fuse time. If shot into the air, it will act as a homing grenade.

I Know My Stuff (5 Ranks): Reduces all damage dealt from your own grenade to you or friends by 20% per rank and all grenades and terrain explosions to you by 10% per rank.

Light the Fuses Bitches! (5 Ranks): Increase grenade damage by 3% per rank.

Tier 4:
Protective coating (5 Ranks): While standing in your own or a friends grenade’s incindiary AoE, you heal for 3% of periodic damage dealt per rank. While standing in their shock AoE, you regeneration shields equal to 3% of the periodic damage dealt per rank. While standing in their corrosive AoE, all damage dealt to you is reduced by 3% of the periodic damage dealt per rank.

Tier 5:
Dipped Weapons: (5 Ranks): While standing in your own or a friends grenade’s slag AoE, all damage you deal will treat the target as though they are slagged.While standing in their Cryo AoE, all attacks you do will have a chance of freezing them. If you are hit with an explosive blast, for the next 10 seconds, he will have amp damage equal to the blast. (This would have to be changed if we get lucky and they actually removed Slag and Cryo like I hope.)

Tier 6:
Grenade Launcher (1 Rank): When My Little Friend is used with a grenade equip, it will now turn into a Grenade Launcher and launch that grenade every second for the duration at +30% damage and no ammo consumption.

Hail of Gun Fire
Tier 1:
Prep (5 Ranks): Increases shields by 3% and regenerates 0.4% health per rank.

Custom Shells (5 Ranks): Increase gun damage by 5% per rank and bullet speed by 20% per rank.

Tier 2:
Weapons practice (5 Ranks): Increase accuracy and reload speed by 5% per rank.

Battle Tested (5 Ranks): Kill Skill, increases reload speed by 7% per rank and regenerate 1% of your shield per point per second for a short time.

Tier 3:
Penetration (1 Rank): Bullets penetrate enemies.

Weapons Expert (5 Ranks): Increases Damage and Reload speed with Assault Rifles and Shotguns by 5% per rank.

Battle Hardened (5 Ranks): Reduces all damage received by 2% per rank and all status effects by 8% per rank.

Tier 4:
Itchy Trigger Finger (5 Ranks): Increases Cool Down Rate of My Little Friend by 6% per rank.

Tier 5:
Back to Basics (5 Ranks): Increases non-elemental gun damage by 12% per rank. Decreases elemental gun damage by 6% per rank.

Tier 6:
Explosive Friend (1 Rank): Increases My Little Friends bullet damage by 20% and accuracy to 100% when an Assault Rifle is equip. When a shotgun is equip, it now counts every pellet to be used in bullet damage and all bullets have splash damage, still counts as an Assault Rifle.

Knuckle Under:
Tier 1:
Running Man (5 Ranks): Decreases bullet damage by 5% per rank, Increases Movement Speed by 10% per rank.

Meat Shield (5 Ranks): Increases Health by 10%, Weapon Swap Speed by 5%.

Tier 2:
Punchee: (5 Ranks): Increase melee damage by 20% of slotted gun pellet damage (5% of Grenade & Rocket Launcher damage) per rank.

Not without a Fight (5 Ranks): While in Fight For Your Life, Retain 20% of your normal movement speed and increases your melee damage by 20% per rank.

Tier 3:
Fist Full of Dynamite (1 Rank): Your melee attacks take on the element of whatever weapon you have equip. If it is a grenade, your melee attacks will produce a nova the radius of the grenade dealing the explosive blast of the grenade and will include any singularity or transfusion effects the grenade had as well. Any AoE produced by the grenade will create an AoE around the player dealing damage equal to the grenades AoE.Each melee attack this way consumes 1 grenade.

Thick Skinned (5 Ranks): Kill Skill, after killing someone, reduces all damage recieved by 10% per rank for a short time.

Healing Hand (5 Ranks): Heals player for 2% per rank of the melee damage done

Tier 4:
Five Finger Death Punch (5 Ranks): After dealing melee damage to an enemy, increases all damage to that enemy by 5% per rank for a short time.

Tier 5:
Rock Paper What!? (5 Ranks): Melee Attacks deal 5% increased damage per rank to shielded and armored enemies.

Tier 6:
Roid Rage (1 Rank): Roid Shields now give the bonus regardless of shield capacity.

Character has unique trees never before done in borderlands and all of them scale off gear exclusively and not character level or playthrough level like current ones do.

I expect @Troubled will also have something to add to this, but I’ll go first. Non-elemental guns that are, not just viable, but great are… Bekah, Quads, Rustlers Orphan Maker, Muckamucks, Maggie etc. Not to mention the non-elemental versions of Conference Call, Sandhawk, Anarchists, Fibber, Lady Fist, Jolly Roger, Lyuda, Bitch. If you also count explosive weapons as non-elemental, there are also guns like DPUH, Flakker and Badaboom to be added to the list.

Elemental or not… These guns rock! :acmbadass:

I understand that those guns are great, but on the overall, with any gun that have variants, the non-elemental versions are always seen as wasted because the damage they do just doesn’t come close to the elementals with matching.

That setup would turn the class into one where you could actively build around a non-elemental weapon setup that could at least compete with elemental weapons.

It has more to do with how Borderlands 2 scales than non-elemental sucking, that and the introduction of E-tech relics did not help out non-elemental weaponry. Prior to the introduction of UVHM the difference between non-elemental and elemental was a lot smaller to the point where it was not that much of an issue. Quadrupling the health of enemies and slapping on health regeneration had put some strain on non-elemental weaponry but generous amounts of slag can and will negate that issue.

That being said non-elemental, especially Jakobs, are far from useless. They just require a bit more elbow grease to make useful to compensate for the lack of elements and in the case of Moxxi weaponry the lack of healing.

The character looks interesting, I’ll have to sit down and re-read it a few times to get a grasp of it before making any comments regarding the build.

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Tried to make sure it all scaled entirely off gear and nothing scaled based on level or play through.

Also wanted to give it unique specs that fit the theme of the game but not been tried before and setup in a way where all 3 trees are viable in either combination.

And one thing I have yet to see was a true grenade spec as well as a melee spec based around grenades and scaled entirely off gear unlike what we normally have where almost all the damage came from the talents and not the gear. The middle tree took me a bit of time to figure out something somewhat unique with it.

I wish they had a website where you could setup your own mock skill tree setup to visualize them that way.

It looks interesting to say the least, I would give it a try. The grenade oriented tree reminds of a Grenadier oriented Roland but on steroids.

And I also made it friendly with both the other trees.

If they wanted to go grenades and guns, their explosive grenades would work as an Amp shield boost, while their slags would give their guns a slag elemental effect while the Fire, Corrosive, and Shock would all help with survivablity.

If they wanted to go grenades and melee, their grenade tree would boost their melee damage as it is based around grenades as well with a grenade punch with the grenade tree offsetting the melee tree giving it a form of ranged attack as well while replenishing the grenades they expend when they melee.

Even the Guns and Melee should play well together.