Character idea Poot

Please feel free to leave your opinions on any aspect.

Poot the skagman

Action skill- Shell Shock

Base cooldown- 60 seconds
Base duration- 20 seconds
A shell of extremely hard metal forums around the back of poot. The shell is covered in spikes, so any enemy who touches your back is damaged. The damage scales with your level.

Grants 33% damage resistance
Reduces movement speed by 15%


A melee focused tree, but has a few general boosts included. To make it worth going down for non melee builds

Tier 1 Left
Savage- +25% melee damage per rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Should help make melee viable from the start.

Tier 1 Right
Blood for Blood- Each melee attack you land heals 1% of your maximum health per rank 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Early survival skill to help with the up close nature of melee

Tier 2 Left
Scratch the Flesh- Each melee attack on an enemy causes them to bleed. Bleed damage is 1% of there maximum health per rank. Can stack up to 5 times on an enemy. 5 ranks possible.
(Author’s thoughts)- A unique melee mechanic to add more variety

Tier 2 Middle
Chase the Rabbit(1 point wonder)- Removes the speed penalty from shell shock
(Author’s thoughts)- Makes the action skill better. Simple enough

Tier 2 Right
Meat!(Rank skill)- Adds explosions to all melee attacks. If the explosion part of the attack kills the enemy it explodes and causes damage to nearby enemies. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- think Bloodsplosion, but not nearly as powerful

Tier 3 Left
Sauce claw- Melee attacks leave a trail of fire on the ground. Damage scales with your level.
(Author’s thoughts for both tier 3 skills)- a simple, but fun set of 1 point skills
Tier 3 Right
It Melts the flesh!- Melee attacks leave a trail of corrosive goo on the ground. Damage scales with your level.

Tier 4 Left
Shell Shockeyer- Reduces the cooldown of Shell Shock by 10% per rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Cooldown FTW!

Tier 4 Right
Stabby kill sticks!- Increases the damage the spikes on your shell do by 20% per rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- passive damage increase

Tier 5 Left
Poison touch for you- Any enemy that is damaged by your shells spike suffer a debuff. 15% debuff per rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Makes your action skill more useful

Tier 5 Middle
Taste the Rainbow(1 Point Wonder)- Any melee attacks take on the element of the held weapon, but only if the weapon is bladed. Also works with explosive weapons. Melee attacks now use the same elemental multipliers as everything else.
(Author’s thoughts)- Makes melee more technical and effective

Tier 5 Right
This feels so Good!! (Kill skill)- When you kill an enemy you lose 5% of your maximum health, but gain 10% damage resistance. The percentage of health lost decreases by 1% per rank. 5 Ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- A risk vs. reward skill that doesn’t punish you that bad

Tier 6 Capstone
Double everything!- Your action skill now completely covers you in spikes and doubles the gun in your hand, but only if it’s bladed. Your melee damage is also doubled and you gain 10% extra melee damage. Gain 20% movement speed and a short stun on any enemies you run into.
(Author’s thoughts)- Does what a capstone should, vastly improves an aspect of your character


A damage focused tree that benefits all guns. Meant to provide unique combat variety for those who want it. If not it’s still a Tree for DPS increases

Tier 1 Left
Boom!- Increases all damage by 7% per rank. Explosive, non elemental, and the debuff element(slag, cryo, etc) gain 10% damage per rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Balanced damage skill to benfit every playstyle

Tier 1 Right
Cattle Tipping- Knocks back any enemy you hit, doesn’t effect large bosses or enemies. The distance of the knock back increases per rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Could provide a unique combat experience

Tier 2 Left
You Taste Good(Kill skill)- Whenever an enemy is killed you gain 1% health regeneration pre rank. If the enemy was killed with a matching element, fire on a flesh enemy, corrosive on an armored, shock on an enemy that had a shield, critical hit kill from non elemental, or 10%+ overkill damage with an explosive gun, the health regeneration is double. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Encourages variety of gear usage, but doesn’t hurt you for not doing it

Tier 2 Middle
Nuke!(1 point wonder)- Adds 25% additional explosive damage on top of your guns base damage
(Author’s thoughts)- More damage and explosions

Tier 2 Right
Crack the earth(rank skill)- Whenever your shield is depleted or when it fully recharges you release a novs based on the element of the gun you’re currently holding. Radius and damage increases with each rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- possibly adds the mechanic of watching your shield and swapping weapons at the appropriate times

Tier 3 Left
Clean the Wound(1 point wonder)- Reduces the length of any DoT applied to you by half, but also reduces the length of the DoTs you apply by 25%
(Author’s thoughts)- Opinions needed on this, but it sounds balanced in my head

Tier 3 Middle
Sling the Death- Increases weapon swap speed by 22% pre rank. 3 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- everyone needs more swap speed, but also helps if you want to focus on his other skills

Tier 3 Right
Blow um Away- Adds 7% reload speed per rank and releases an elemental nova based on your currently held gun when you reload. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s opinion)- More combat variety

Tier 4 Left
That must have Hurt- Increases critical hit damage by 8% pre rank and damage by 2% pre rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- just a good all around damage skill

Tier 4 Right
Don’t look at Me!(kill skill)- 12% chance pre rank for bullets to bounce off of you and randomly target an enemy. Any bullet that bounces takes on the element off the gun you’re currently holding. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- i need opinions on this

Tier 5 Left
Boom Bewm Bang- Increases fire rate by 10% and movement speed by 3% pre rank. 5 ranks possible.
(Author’s thoughts)- fire rate boosts aren’t over used and movement speed isn’t big enough to negatively effect you

Tier 5 Right
Duck, Duck, WTF!- Increases reload speed, fire rate, damage(melee, explosive, and everything else), cooldown rate, and Shield capacity by 5% pre rank.
(Author’s thoughts)- A very good all around skill, but not completely over powered

Tier 6 Capstone
Insanity!- The spikes from your shell now shoot off and target enemies. The spike will always match the targets weakness. 2 spikes a second are launched. Spikes can score critical hits and regrow after 5 seconds.
(Author’s thoughts)- Makes your action skill a big part of the character.


A tree for survival. General boosts to survival with a few boosts to your action skill and DPS

Tier 1 Left
Tenderized- Adds 10% to your maximum health pre rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- More health won’t be a bad thing with this character

Tier 1 Right
Toot Toot Train- 2% damage resistances and Shield capacity pre rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- General defensive boost

Tier 2 Left
Chew your Food(kill skill)- The longer you hold down the fire button the more damage you do. 1.5% pre rank, pre second up to 7 seconds.
(Author’s thoughts)- Pure DPS increase

Tier 2 Middle
Cannonball(1 point wonder)- Instantly regenerate 25% of maximum health when your shield is depleted or you come out of FFYL
(Author’s thoughts)- Helps prevent the FFYL loop and encourages health stacking

Tier 2 Right
Power man- Taking DoT increases your damage by 1% pre second pre rank. Up to 40% during corrosive DoTs, 30% during fire DoTs, and 10% during shock DoTs
(Author’s thoughts)- A risk vs reward skill

Tier 3 Left
Wrath of the Turtle(1 point wonder)- Increases the length of shell shock by 15 seconds
(Author’s thoughts)- improves your action skill

Tier 3 Middle
Why bother?- 2% chance pre rank to absorb any enemy bullets that hit you. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Opinions needed

Tier 4 Left
Devour the World- Enemies have a 15% higher chance to drop ammo pre rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- Ammo mitigation skill

Tier 4 Right
Shell it Now!- Adds 2 seconds to shell shock pre rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- More survivability due to your action skill

Tier 5 Left
Bleed the Blood!(kill skill)- If a critical hit kill is scored you gain 1% health regeneration pre second per rank.
(Author’s thoughts)- Encourages critical hits

Tier 5 Right
Blobs- Splash damage on guns with splash damage is increased by 2% pre rank. 5 ranks possible
(Author’s thoughts)- works with a lot of guns, but doesn’t narrow your useable guns.

Tier 6 Capstone
Flinter me- When Shell Shock is activated one element is randomly selected and your gain 80% damage reduction from it. You gain 20% damage with every other damage type.
(Author’s thoughts)- A defensive skill with no down sides


How will you be damaging the enemies when your back is turned towards them? A well aimed fart, or what?

With 5/5 in this skill, you’ll need to land 20 successful melee attacks to heal 100 %, and since you need to close the distance to enemies that shoot at you, you’ll need a higher percentage to make this skill worth having. A little balancing will fix all that.

Does this trail damage enemies, or is it just visual?

These two kinda cancel each other out, don’t you think?

Does this mean that you now have the shell on the front too?

Although I like this one a lot, it may prove to be a disadvantage in the end, if you knock the enemies to far. The further you knock them, the further you have to run to follow up your attack. If your melee is strong enough to kill them with one attack, then this skill becomes meaningless. Maybe have a fixed distance instead, and have the knockback also pull any other enemies that stand in the way along with it. That would serve as a great crowd control.

Those 25 % you take away from your damage output sounds pretty significant to me, so I’m not sure that it’s worth taking.

How much damage will you actually do? 5/5 means 7,5 %. Do you mean that you need to keep firing for 7 seconds in order to get a measly 7,5 %? Also… How often do we actually fire for 7 seconds straight? Most guns will have emptied their mag long before that.

If the increase applies while you have a DoT on you, then Clean the Wound will cancel out 25 %.

Finding ammo in general isn’t so hard that it warrants 5 points in a skill. If, on the other hand, you have a grenade build or a rocket launcher build, then this might be a great skill. Maybe modify it to only drop those types of ammo.

Alright! That was a first glance commentary on your build, with some comments. I tried to be objective, but it’s no secret that I don’t like defensive action skills. It’s a type of action skill that really only shines against melee enemies, and quickly becomes lackluster against everything else. It’s also questionable in this case, since you most oftenly get shot from the front.

An action skill is something that you can call on from time to time, and when you do it, then enemies normally start dying really fast. Action skills in the form of shields of varying type just feel… Meh!


Phase shifted to fan creations.


At 1st it would only damage enemies that run into your back, but one of the capstones turns it into a modified raving retribution.

Being able to easily heal to 100% from a tier 1 skill wouldn’t be OP in your eyes? This character also has only % based healing

Yes it would damage enemies. I stated that, but my wording may have been off

Possibly, but i thought they might synergize

The shell wouldn’t be on the front, but you would gain spikes on the front

Interesting idea, I’ll try to rework the skill

It would only decrease the Length of DoTs. Would cutting down the damage dots deal to yourself not be worth it?

It would be 7.5% damage increase every second for 7 seconds which equals 52.5% damage increase. I’ll reword it, but i intend for it to work likes sal’s skill keep firing, which continues after reloads

Good catch! Those 2 wouldn’t work together very well

Maybe make it a kill skill like blood bath, but remove the huge damage increase and add rocket ammo drops

Much appreciated! Thank you!


You didn’t say how long the bleed last, and if it is 1% of their health per second, then having a raid lose 25% (55% w/ COM) of it’s health a second is broken in an un-fun way.

Even if it was changed to their “current” health I’d still say it was too strong.

Which debuff? Depending on which one, 75-165% can be a lot.

Aren’t these basically the same?

I will say I really like your cap stones, but some of your skills work against one another, and personally I like it when skill trees have have high synergy with themselves like Athena’s Ceraunic Storm tree.


Agreed that would be super OP. I’ll rework it

I was thinking it would be a flat damage increase for you against the enemy. But the fact that your shell spikes have to cause the damage seemed balanced to me.

Yeah pretty much.

Thank you!

Side note: i did plan on creating COMS if this post got noticed, so I’ll work on those soonish