Character Idea: Ruth, the Veteran

Character Idea: Ruth, the Veteran

Name: Ruth Annalise

Alias: The Veteran

Gender: Female

Age: 55

Background: After decades of loyally serving the Dahl corporation, Ruth was finally ready to retire. The people she had trained and served with were sad to see her go. The newer recruits that hadn’t served under her yet were happy that she wouldn’t be there to boss them around anymore. The higher-ups placed bets on how far she would get before dying of a stroke. Ruth, however, had already decided what she would be doing in her retirement. During her time in the military, she had heard stories about places called “vaults”, which supposedly contained unimaginable power and could only be found and opened by the best of the best. The quiet life wasn’t something Ruth was interested in, and this seemed right up her alley. She still wanted to get a cat, though.

Action Skills: Ruth can equip an extra action skill at the cost of two weapon slots.

  • Mortar Strike: Ruth calls in a mortar strike, dealing damage in a wide area. Cooldown: 20 seconds
  • SP7-R Combat Module: Ruth activates her shoulder mounted combat module, which analyzes the battlefield and marks the most dangerous target. Ruth will deal double damage to marked targets. If the marked target is a boss, Ruth will only deal 50% extra damage. Cooldown: 75 seconds
  • Combat Serum: Ruth injects herself with an experimental combat serum, drastically increasing her combat capabilities for a short time. Cooldown: 30 seconds

Skill Trees

(click on the pictures to see the full tree)
Demolitions Expert: Focused on explosive damage and damage reduction.

Markswoman: Focused on gun damage, crit damage, and sniping.

Super Soldier: Focused on health regen, movement speed, and melee damage.


Two down, two to go! I really like the character I’m currently working on right now, because I’m putting a lot of interesting concepts into him.

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