Character Idea: The Chemist

Since Gearbox had a hand in the game We Happy Few, I think a posable to have a character based around the game. The character (Who we can call May) is a Chemist that could have been working for a company that makes a drug like Joy for people that are depressed. May is also addicted to the same drug and when the company stop making it or find out about May’s Addicted, she goes a little crazy and burned the company as she needs to forget about somthing very bad happing to her. Now she a wild Chemist that use chemicals and piles to heal allies, confuse foes, and for herself. A couple of abilities she could have are, throwing different beakers that either heal players in areas or turning foes against one another because there confuse by the drug. She could have a gun that shoots a syringe into allies to make them stronger or turn an enemy into a badass and has them attack anyone around him, and of course, during this, the player would see the world more colorful and happy like the joy does in the game. This one a bit over the top but the last abilities is she pulls out a gun that shoots a mist out that heal allies and damages foes, like mercy. That what I have in mind but I would like to hear anyone’s thoughts about what other abilities she could have, what her backstory could be, what her trees could be and just about anything else.

Does anyone have somthing to say about this character idead?