Character ideas

I don’t know if there is an official post about this, but I have some character ideas that I’d like to share with you guys. I won’t go into detail since I’m still working on their skill trees. But I was thinking if you guys think the characters seem interesting or not with the little information I have to give.

Character 1:
Demolitions expert and scavenger. Comes from a highly industrial planet where the industries throws out ■■■■ tons of “thrash” and gear and other things. The main population started scavenging for usefull gear and parts and started to create their own gadgets. Later the planet became known for its scavengers and their “industrial market” with their home-made gadgets. This character accidentally blew up his parents on his 5th birthday with the first bomb he ever created. He later became a demolitioner, and later a vault hunter.

Action skill: releases a bunch of explosive novas around him for a duration. The novas he used to use to demolish abandoned buildings on his homeplanet. (I had this idea before gearbox released TPS and thus I had no influence from claptrap when I came up with the idea)

Playstyle: close and personal, uses melee togheter with grenades or explosive weapons in general. One skill tree will be about his action skill, one about gadgets, melee and grenades and the last ones will be about explosive weapons.

Sidenote: he has a thing for explosions, turning him on before making him go a bit insane (not as insane as Krieg though)

Character 2
Weather reporter. Comes form a planet that’s got the weirdest kind of weathers like acid rain, constant thunderstorms and huge heatwaves. He got fired for sleeping with the TV-company’s male cameraman. He had a hard time getting employed again due to the planets inhabitants being very much against homosexuality. Many people tried to assasinate him for his sexuality, and after 3 people trying to assasinate him he realised that he got a talent for killing people. He also wanted to get away form his homeplanet and wanted to try out the vault-hunting “sport” as he calls it.

Action skill: spawns a rainbow above the enemy in his crosshair, dealing constant damage to all nearby enemies in the form of all elements (no slag element, cryo instead).

Playstyle: any range. Will focus a lot on elemental damage with all the elements at the same time instead of using specific elements. Will also carry a lot of CC and support in terms of healing (a lot like Maya). One skiill tree will be focused on all the elements, one will be focused on CC and a little bit of normal gun damage and the last skill tree will be focused on supporting the teammates and making your action skill stronger.

Sidenote: a really nice guy, but he’s got very dark humour.

Character 3
Military maniac (yes… I know that borderlands already have a lot of them… but still…). Fat and short guy that always thought that rocket launchers and grenades were the coolest things ever. When he joined the army on a planet (don’t know for what company yet or whatever) he quickly became accustomed to using his beloved rocket launchers and grenades, while also being introduced to tanks and even got his own after a while. He once disobeyed a direct order to save a local dog in the warzone. He got imprisoned for his treason, but got a second chance to redeem himself to the army. They had gotten information about the Vaults and heard that thay contained incredible weapons and wanted their hands on them, and thus sent this guy out on off-world operations under the threat that they would kill the dog if he betrayed them. He obeyed because he really liked that dog.

Action skill: digistruct a tank that you mount. The tank will be relatively slow, but you will be able to have a turbo ability as your melee button when mounted to move quickly for a short while. You will be able to shoot with your normal guns while mounted, and you will still be able to see from your characters point of view, however you won’t be able to zoom in because using the zoom in button will have you shoot large rockets from your tank. Your tank gets its own health, and you will become incredibly tanky (puns). Allies will be able to jump in side openings of the tank for cover.

Playstyle: close to mid range. One skilltree will focus on him getting tanky and boosting his action skill, another tree will focus on him using specifically rocket launchers and grenades while the last tree will focus on guns in general.

As you guys can see, these are just works in progress and I don’t have a name for any of them. Is there something you’d like to point out, like something you think I shall change/keep/add? Ideas for skills would be very helpfull as well since I’m currently only working on the skilltrees for character 1.