Character Import Question

So all of my weapons and completed playthroughs transferred to the remastered xbox one, but I don’t think it transferred my kills or weapons collected stats, and, in addition, it didn’t transfer the achievements, which sucks because now I have to go through the darned long underdome missions, which I did solo, btw, like a real man with no modded crap at all. They take forever, are kind of boring, and suck, if we’re all being honest.

I was also hoping that they would find a way to resolve the issues with the missions you would pick up online on 360, just from joining an online game, from people who modded their game. Can they do us a final solid and just throw down a 3rd playthrough or something to wax over all these issues?

The remaster counts as a new game as far as the XBox ecosystem is concerned, so you don’t get anything logged outside of your immediate save files. You should find you get multiple blocks of achievements unlocked as you play, especially if you start a new character (or have one that hasn’t finished the story yet.)

As for the other things - yeah, a lot of folks were hoping for some changes, but there’s not much beyond the golden chest, some tweaked awesome level chests, and the new legendaries.


“tweaked awesome level chests”? How do you mean?

I have noticed a higher rate of legendary drops and finds in general.

Chests have something called an “awesome level” which determines the quality of drops from them. A number had their level increased. One particular example is the Hyperion Gift Shop that you can open after finishing the Robolution DLC - it is way more generous with epic and legendary gear than it was before.

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Yes. I have definitely noticed that uptick.