Character is drifting to the right

I have an issue where my character constantly drifts right. I have tried 3 separate controllers, one of which is new. I’ve deleted and re installed the game. All to no avail. Any ideas?


Same with me I have a new controller also

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Oh thank god!!!

LOL I thought it was my controller causing this and almost went and bought a new one.

My character will slowly drift to the right also.



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I was having the same issue, I was able to mitigate it by adding a deadzone offset in the control options. I forget the exact option name, but it is the first option (inner something) for the left stick adjustments. I changed it to 1.5 and I could not get it to drift even if I tried. Hope this helps. I can get the exact settings I had when I log in at 6p EST


Thanks, I gave this a try. It made it a little slow to aim, but did fix my issue.


Same issue, my friend also has the same problem and its fun how his fl4k move really slow

Just wanted to add that the same thing is happening to me too!

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I am having exactly the same issue. I literally upgraded from my Xbox 360 to thee Xbox One in July just to play Borderlands 3. The drift was really messing up my shooting while hiding, I would suddenly have drifted fully away from my covered location. I did play about 20 hours of Borderlands PS to get used to the new controller prior to release date.

same mine drifts to the right and its a real pain
I did notice that in the advance settings for controller you can set the drifts but every time I try to have it pull more to the left it pulls harder to the right and I don’t know why its not inverted or anything like that

I just purchased the Xbox One X Gears 5 edition, the one with the fancy controller and casing, mainly because I wanted an Xbox One X to be able to play Borderlands 3 in 4k on my TV. And I played Gears 1 a bit while waiting for Borderlands 3 to download. I then switched to Borderlands 3 and haven’t played any other game, and I was starting to think my new Kait Diaz Gears 5 controller was defective! I was a bit disappointed, but glad to know it might not be the controller. I’ll have to try changing the controller settings then, thanks for that tip!

I’m not glad it’s happening, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. I thought it was my controller as well. I kept examining my controller and kept thing, “It looks straight?”!!!

Base XB1 here, and the only times I’ve found that happening are when coming out of a vending machine. Managed to shake it off by running around a bit. I’m curious if it’s only happening on XB1X or both, and what settings folks are using? I’m at 5/5 for sensitivity with default deadzone settings (advanced tab in the controller settings menu)

What settings are folk with the drift issue using?

Thought i was going nuts as i found this on my xbox one s so went onto the one x in the lounge room & same thing. Hopefully they fix it soon

I am having the same issue as well. A lot of people keep saying if you mess with the dead zone it fixes it. I have tried this and it doesn’t help at all for my issue. Same with my boyfriend and his friends :frowning: I hope gear box fixes this soon.

Have you filed a support ticket for this issue? If not, please consider doing so.

I think this person misspoke on his number, but I did adjust the first option(inner something) just like he said, but I put it at .15 and it is working perfect for me now on xbox.


Same as, glad it’s not just me and my controller.

My character came out of a fight drifting to the right despite the motion stick being centred. Oddly enough, snapping the right (look) stick briefly hard left fixed this. :man_shrugging:

I tried to adjust the left stick “inner deadzone” to .15 and it’s still drifting. It doesnt kill the game for me but it’s so annoying! PLEASE FIX THIS GEARBOX