Character is gone

Is anybody considering the possibility they have been hacked?

In my case, the evidence would suggest that is what happened to me. I leveled Moze to level 10, not even beginning any other characters. The next day she is gone, and instead I have a level 6 Fl4k and all my golden keys have been used (with no weapons in sight).

Beyond this, somebody had added a free game to my account on the epic launcher and deleted my friends list.

Anyway, I’ve currently got an open ticket. I was hoping it would be as simple to Epic as providing me an older backup of the cloud save, but the responses in here aren’t filling me with hope that this is even possible.

I’m reluctant to even touch the game right now, however, just in case they can reinstate my cloud back to Sunday night.

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This resolved my issue. My saves where is a temp folder that was like a Hex code number. Copied them from there to the main SaveGames folder and reloaded BL3… my characters were back! Thanks!

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where was the temp foldeR??

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Inside the SaveGames folder. There was a folder that was named like a hex value, looked like a scramble of letters and numbers. In that folder was my 1.sav and and profile.sav. Copied the files from there to the root of SaveGames and when I booted the game my characters were back!

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Not available for most of us. Here is what I saw when I tried so retrieve from my SaveGames folder. My old save is literally deleted.

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I found a fix for this. but this will only work if you are using OneDrive to store your saves. my pc does this by default because i have onedrive enabled.

To restore lost saves go to:

  • log in
  • go to recycle bin
  • restore your saves

Hope this works!

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Came here to say this. I messed with one drive and tried to turn off syncing. I turned off backups and it removes them from your PC. I fired up BL3 and was asked about cloud save / local drive. Cloud save had a newer date then local so I picked it.

I logged in and my character was gone. The only thing I could think of is one drive had my saves. I turned it back on and my character was there again. Whew.

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My chars are gone too. I just logged in, and they were gone. My siren lvl 25 is gone. This is not cool, lots of hours lost.
I’m wondering if i’ll get them back.
Not feeling like starting everything back

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For everyone that has Windows 7, the solution I discovered on my own can be found here. Thank god, it was a complete FIX for me.

Like the post for others if this helped you! I made sure to post my fix so others could avoid the pain.

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The fix that involves changing you file extension DOES work HOWEVER you have to make sure that you go into the control panel and find your “File Explorer Options” and make sure that the option labeled “Hide File Extensions for known file types” is turned off or else you will not be able to edit the file from a TMP into a SAV file.


Thank you! This worked for me!

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Hello, I have lost my character to … level 49 done playing waste of time.


I found mine in

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Lost a 50th level Mose. I had just finished a second playthrough, and decided to look at leveling up a new Siren.

The next day, when I tried to use the “Previous” and “Next” character controls, only the Siren was displayed, and it appears Mose is -gone- . The buttons do not work.

The files are either not there or ovewritten. I tried restoring the oldest, then the next oldest to no avail.

Thanks Gearbox, 2K, whomever . . . . unbelievable that you cant retain older characters. The only solution I can think of is to disable cloud saves and when I want to set a character aside, making a windows folder for them and copying all the save games there.


This worked for me, stopped my heart attack.

Yea I returned the game to Walmart after my character was lost on PS4 lvl 50 siren waste of time. Won’t be purchasing any future games.

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I have 4 characters, in order I played Amara First, FL4K Second, Zane Third, and Moze 4th. So I was playing borderlands and decided to switch characters from my level 50 FL4K to my level 50 Amara. When I was at the place to select my character, I noticed that both of them were corrupted. Knowing I had a save on the Epic Games Cloud. I quit Borderlands and reopened it to see that the screen to choose between local drive or Cloud Save was there. I chose Cloud Save because I knew that the local save that I had, had my FL4K and Amara as a corrupted save file. So when I load up the cloud save I notice that the only characters I had were my Moze and Zane. After seeing this, I went into the files where apparently, there was a 1.sav.(Something).Temp that I had to change to 1.sav. However, when I checked the files, I didnt even have a 1.sav file, let alone a 1.sav.temp file. Out of desperation, I cam to this discussion. I then see a comment saying that One Drive is a possibility. So, I head to one drive, and saw my old saves. After downloading 1.sav and 2.sav (Amara and FL4K) I put them in the folder where the saves belong, and start up the game. When I go to select my character, They’re both corrupted. So I go back in the folder and realize that they were both 0KB (Empty). Looking further through this thread I found that you can switch the versions of the files. I click to the properties and nope, no versions available. I just sent a ticket to Epic and I’m waiting for a response. This is absolutely ridiculous. If you have any way on how to fix this, please please please tell me. I really don’t want to get told by Epic to ■■■■ off and can’t get a refund because of it. Thanks for reading. SOLUTION BELOW ME

Guys I found the solution for this method. If your files are still corrupt after recovery, you can go to the file on onedrive, right click, then change the version to before the incident happened.

save is just straight up not there. not in folder or anywhere else on my pc