Character issues

Hello everyone, I seem to have an ongoing issue

I have two consoles in my home (Xbox) which I play borderlands 3 on for both, but it isn’t syncing my character to each one? There is times it would work, but then other times it will not transfer my Moze over to my other Xbox

Is there a way I can load my save? I have had it once where it gave me an option to load my cloud save, but it has not happened as of late, please help.

In theory, it should sync automatically whenever you fire up the game on one of the consoles. Where you might be having problems is if you are not leaving each xbox on long enough so that it syncs the local save to the cloud at the end of your session as well.

The other thing that might be affecting the sync is if you were playing with your console/game in off-line mode.

The only way I know of to force an update from cloud down is to delete the local save data (access through Manage Game menu/settings). There’s a risk that if your cloud version is older than the local you’ll end up losing progress.

(Moving this to XBox tech support as well since it isn’t really general discussion)