Character leveling rate increase?

I haven’t really noticed this in multiplayer, but if its there feel free to pipe in.

In campaign missions I have notuced I rarely ever max my battleborns level, and if I do it is literally right before the last boss. I usually only make it to level 8, sometimes only 7. Is there a way we can have experience gain increased so we can utilize the full helix?

Maybe this is only because I’m usually running with 3 people and it isn’t a problem with a full group? We kill every enemy possible though and constantly build drones to try and max xp gain.

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Do you search through all the chests I know there are some that drop a level up boost in them me and my friend who duo the missions always end up making rank 10 15 minutes in

I don’t know what may be different, but I typically max my character out about halfway through either of the co-op missions. I’m pretty sure the game scales to number of players, so having fewer people shouldn’t affect you, though I could be wrong in that. Perhaps you’re playing as a character that doesn’t rake in quite as much xp, like maybe Miko or Thorn? It’s been discussed somewhere how to gain xp with Miko at a similar rate to an attack based char, but that dealt strongly with getting assists, and I’m not sure of the assist systems vs minions in campaign. If you’d let us know if the problem is with a specific character, or just maxing in general, I’m sure someone will have a way to help.

Usually i play toby or el dragon. We scour for chests and breakable objects as well.

If people in full groups aren’t having this issue it will be ok as once full release hits I’ll be running with 5 people all the time. Just feels annoying sometimes.

Well, unfortunately I haven’t used either of those characters much (I prefer agile chars), but have you tried checking their specific discussion categories for builds or gear ideas that might help you out with this? Sorry I can’t be of much help here, I’d just like to see people enjoying this game as mich as I do!

I’ve got there builds for pve down fairly well (and good loadouts). I’m usually topping damage with both (especially el dragon) as well as kills. My friends usually are leveling at same rate as me, even when playing miko.

i can see the point for the OP but I think it needs to be increased across all modes. I regularly finish PvP matches lvl 4-6. Rarely do I ever make it past 8. And Story missions I feel like its close to the end that we reach lvl 10.

Perhaps you’re right. Just because I’ve had good luck with the system doesn’t mean it’s perfect. I can’t personally say it needs increased, because like I said, I typically reach LV10 about halfway through the mission, but it’s a valid point and clearly more than one person is in agreement with it. I was only trying to help OP find some ways to make it happen, because it clearly IS possible, I just can’t reallyhelp because it hasn’t been an issue for me and therefore I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes it work for me.

In pvp, your problem is probably your productivity, because no one i’ve played with nor myself have ever had this problem in pvp unless there’s a steamroll. I mainly play Incursion though.

With that said, I also have this problem in pve. Haven’t finished a campaign level at max helix once.

In the story missions it can be difficult to reach level 10 without picking up any helix orbs, which automatically grant a level, unless you are dominating on an individual level and making good experience off of kills or assists. I usually make it to 10, occasionally only to 9, but I am a huge treasure hunter and open and loot everything I can and typically get 1-2 helix orbs.

Please explain this to me then, if you’re talking about productivity

I’ve found that it really depends on the mission, and what role character you’re using. Support characters often level more slowly, while playing more offensively often results in higher exp gain, I’ve found. Also, the Algorithm seems to have a pretty low enemy count, so I usually end that mission at around 8. However, playing as ISIC on Void’s Edge, I’ve gotten to 10 as early as just before the part where the player must defend Wolf as he “hacks” the door, and my team of 5 ended that mission with 4 level 10’s and 1 level 8 (dunno what that Marquis was doing). It’s nice to have the rockets to melt the Conservator, though.