Character Loading Screen

Hey guys, I’m wondering if anyone else is having this problem and knows how to fix it:

Since I started unlocking more characters, the character select loading screen has been taking longer. I wouldn’t really mind, but I’ll sit there on random for almost 10 seconds before I get my menu to pick characters. Gets really annoying when other people pick who I want to play as.

Now, to re-iterate:

  1. This is not an old issue. This has developed over the progress I’ve made in the game. My video card has not changed, my drivers have not been updated. The only difference is A) more Characters/Costumes available, and B) Game updates
  • Nvidia has come out with a newer driver version. I went ahead and updated and restarted without any effect.
  1. If I skip the cut scene at the begging of a co-op game, I still have to wait the same about the same amount of time to pick a character as I do in PvP, so I don’t think it’s a “residual loading” issue.

  2. One of my friend’s has a comparable GPU to me, and a second has a much older model. Both of them load significantly faster than I do.

  • I’m using a GTX 870m, one of my friends has a GTX 850, and the other has a Radeon Sapphire HD5870.

I’ve tried tweaking the settings in the config, but can’t seem to get that particular screen to speed up. No other issues with the game running at 50-60fps, 1080p, Borderless-Fullscreen. Any ideas?