Character Locked bug

I seem to have a bug where a character I already owned, having the Digital Deluxe edition, is being locked out of being used. Other people have been reporting the same issues, but where I have only one character locked, they have multiple characters locked. Not sure what’s going on.

Someone also recently reported this happening in Xbox edition.

Your best bet is to file a support ticket directly:

Hopefully, the folks there will be able to suggest a fix.

Well, right now I’m in talks with one of the Gearbox staff. If anyone else on PC has this issue, please share and if possible, share screenshots and what mode of play you noticed your bug on. So far I’ve tested Versus Private’s Classic Mode and Big Head Rumble.

forwarded this to the team. Thanks again, @Claw_MacKain!

Yeah, had the exact same thing happen to me last night… well not exactly the same, my issue is a little more severe as you can see in the screen grabs I’ve provided, in the first one (Incursion - Private) I’ve lost access to 9 characters, in the second one (Operations - Private) I’ve lost access to a whopping 19 characters!
Seriously hope this gets sorted pronto.

I’ve seen one almost as bad as that, but yours does look pretty serious. I only have 1 character locked in Versus Private’s Classic Mode, while 3 are locked in Big Head Rumble. But others I spoke to have it worse.

Welcome in the cool kids club :wink:


That’s still three too many man :confused:

Oh snap! :open_mouth:

Glad I ain’t alone in this issue, was sweating bullets when I saw my character roster covered in locks.

Yeah, you’re not alone. Other than wrriddle and myself, there’s two friends that also had this issue, that I know of. And a few others on the Battleborn Discord reporting it as well.

For me it was Quick Match on PS4. Checked my PC version as well, but I have all characters unlocked there.

Not related to draft mode.

Was a good excuse to play a few rounds with Beatrix though.

I got this error just from playing Classic Mode of Incursion via Versus Private. No draft option available on it. Draft mode or not, this needs to be looked into.

Like Claw said, I also have this issue, and it gets worse if we choose Big Head Rumble for some reason.

Here’s the one that typically shows up and it locks seven characters for me.


And here’s the screenshot I took when we entered Big Head Rumble, and it locked three more characters for me.

I’m wondering if more lock if I were to try Story Mode, cause I saw above someone got even more characters locked from Ops. I haven’t seen anyone test Story Mode yet.

Anyway, I hope this gets fixed. Just thought I’d contribute my screenshots too. (The ones I saw above legit scared me, that’s so many characters locked…Really hope it gets looked into soon)

I just checked today and all are currently available on Versus Private’s Classic and Big Head Rumble modes. I don’t know if it was fixed or just a temporary bug, but I’d advise others to check when they can to be sure.

Everything seems to be back to normal on my end as well, actually noticed it at 3AM last night, but it was 3AM, so I was way too knackered to report back lol.

…now if only I could get my hands on the gold Orendi skin, then all would be right with the world :wink: