Character Lore Challenge Difficulty

So I’ve been looking at the lore challenges, and there seems to be huge fluxuation in the difficulty of the challenges. Some look like I could get them done in like two matches of pvp, but then others seem crazy hard. Some I understand should take longer, because some kind of naturally happen as you play the character, and others you need to deliberately focus on doing. If it’s something like, just kill a bunch of enemies, that should take longer than something super specific that you really need to focus on doing, but some just seem crazy. Just a thing I noticed. Anyone else have thoughts on this?


Yep, some characters that certain people badly want to make work coughAttikuscough have a Mount Everest of a lore challenge while others simply have to rack up enough damage / kills that you’ll get it anyway by playing as them enough. I don’t like this decision to be honest but guess it makes them that much more rewarding.

I’m working on Caldarius, and overall his aren’t too bad. Unfortunately, he’s got that one in the bottom corner that says kill 150 enemies with energy blade while on a team with Rath. Nobody picks Rath in campaign, and it’s his secondary attack so I don’t use it enough to get 150 kills in pvp. It’s frustrating, good luck with those Attikus challenges.

Oh hey it’s you again. What platform do you play btw? I could totally help you out with cald’s challenge if your on PC.

I’ve been trying to get whiskey foxtrot lore and I just gave up, it’s not like getting head shots is hard or sticking battle born but trying to fight a Mike is so annoying, iI’ve almost gotten the stickes and the head shots after 4-5 games even tho I’m not that good but I’ve only encountered a Mike twice and I could rarely even find him then I was more likely to get my kill stolen when I did, it’s just crazy I have to get 25 Mike kills? At this rate that’s over 100 games if I’m lucky, then there is a chance someone takes foxtrot before me as well, I don’t even want to play pvp I wish I could just grind it out in bot matches or play private matches against my friend as Mike but both those things don’t let you get rewards

Tl;Dr pvp requirements to kill a specific person are bs and I really shouldn’t be required to pvp but if I am I should atleast be able to work for it ever game or just cheat out of it


At least you don’t have to consistently punch Rendain in the face. :stuck_out_tongue: Nah I feel like Attikus’ one is not that bad once I find the timing. He is easy to get a punch in on but it’s hard as hell to get it to detect as a critical hit, and he knocks you back as soon as you get one punch in. Plus the charged punch is not very easy to use anyway.

I looked at that and I actually would prefer that, even if it is almost impossible to get there, atleast that can be worked for, you can go into a match with friends or even solo and say “this is what im going to do” I just am bothered by the “this match you cant do it, and neither this one or this one”

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There is one for Attikus that is totally redonkulous. You need to Critical Hit Rendain in the face with a Charged Punch 12 times. Between running the final mission twice I hit him about 40 times in the face with it… I managed to get 1… so stupid.

Sorry, I’m on PS4, but I really appreciate the offer.

Also Attikus has to win an Incursion on Echelon… the map nobody picks ever.

Large shards count as kills. Just going around farming those whenever they’re up with your secondary should get you the challenge in 10-15 games.

My current strategy is just going in to pub story mode and hoping somebody picks Rath. I got about 80 in one mission, but I still need 48 more (I got a few from other stuff too)

Get a team of five together and just let them know you really need to do a match on Echelon. If all five of you vote, you’ll win the vote and probably the match.

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I’m guessing you have already played Oscar if you have Whiskey but knowing a character’s abilities is vital to beating them. If you don’t know Oscar that well I would suggest play a few games with him to get to know him. The most annoying thing I find about Oscar (but i love it at the same time when I play with him) is invisibility with 30%+ move speed. He can get out of pretty much any situation before it hits him. A good player will know when the tide changes and escape with minimal loss. To counter him maybe try slowing him because in my experience whiskey will out dps oscar. Nonetheless a good player will always cause you trouble no matter what character.

That’s more or less what I’m looking to do now, but I also have a hell of a time winning as Attikus. I don’t know how he is supposed to survive but maybe if the rest of the team is good I can coast it with buildables and level up that way.

My problem isn’t killing him it’s FINDING him, there are 25 hero’s in the game and realisticly you can expect on average maybe people have 20-22 of them so it’s already a 1/4 chance, how ever Mike is also a really default character that most players grow out of quickly, in my experience if someone is over lvl 10 they will not pick him, most players average about 6 kills in a game ideally these would all be Mike but likely you won’t even find him most the game so you will be stuck at maybe one or 2 kills

All that is what I think every time I go into game at best I would guess I would have to play over 100 games to have a chance

Generally if you have a team of five in a public match, you win.

Don’t give up! is what I would say. I’ve played like 20 games or so in the last day or two and i’m 19/25. Personally I’d like these “kill specific characters” to also have an OR option which is get 50 assists. You know so you don’t feel like you’re losing out everytime when someone else kills him. Also try meltdown. I find its much easier to avoid other players and target him on those maps because hes either on one side or the other and its usually pretty easy to flank.

I’ve seen lots of Mike’s on the Xbox1, cloaky characters always seem to be popular in pvp games. Galalia has to kill Ambra 25 times and NO ONE plays Ambra anymore. The one time I did have her on the enemy team, my own team trolled me and stole the finishing blow SIX TIMES. Not fun at all.

Thorn’s PvP challenge is pretty yucky too, she has to kill players while airborne with volley, 20 times. Pure luck shots. Unless I am geared wrong I guess, lol.

For anyone who was frustrated with Galilea’s kill Ambra 25 times, good news! Now we have Alani’s kill Ambra 25 times as well.

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