Character Lore Gear Usage

Just curious;
How many of you use Character Lore Legendary Gear?
Why or why not?
Which character gear do you use and for what purpose?

I just want to know a bit more about the usage of these items before they’re reworked.

I personally have unlocked 15ish or so Lore items and ever only used one; Ambra’s. Although I stopped using Ambra’s once generating heat became so trivial. No other item has really given me much of an incentive in spending the 1800 on 'em when there are Legendary gear that I own that are leagues better for the characters than their own personal gear.

I have the character legendaries for the following chars:
Miko, Alani, Ambra, Kelvin, Pendles, Ernest, Thorn, Mellka, Reyna, Phoebe, Montana(Haven’t looked what it does yet though), Shayne&Aurox.

I use:
Alani, Ambra, Reyna

I think Kelvin’s quite good, but I prefer to have 40 HP regen on him so his legendary is a no-go.

Alani’s is good, because it gives attack speed as a secondary so I can get high attack speed on her, and the 15% healing over time is pretty decent.

Reyna’s is THE BEST! This is the only legendary that I love, and that my allies also really love me using. The heals are just da best you guys.

Ambra’s for 1 reason: INFINITE FIREBALLSSSSS!

I really think that most of the legendaries kinda suck compared to other legendaries.

Ambra for the stats and bonus. Ernest for the utility (in a death Screencast in Renegade it said I had healed over 2000), Alani’s.
I also own Deande’s, Phoebe’s, Mellka’s, and Orendi’s.

Besides Ambra’s I also use Kelvin’s, health and damage reduction are very good stats for him. The extra chomp on miss can help you when fighting small and agile enemies, also when escaping using chomp twice means double permafrost which increases your chances ofgetting to safety.

I didn’t unlock to many lore legendaries but judging from pictures i’ve seen they are mostly crap.

Btw how do you know they are being reworked?

@avi16200 I remember hearing somebody talk about it, might have been during one of the Twitch livestreams for a character…that or musta read it somewhere. I think what was basically said they’re looking to rework them and make them be more to what they had in mind, something also about maybe even having varying shard costs or sumthin’. My mind is kinda fuzzy.

Yeah, the ones you’ve mentioned are ok I guess. usually I only use 1 Legendary for support (if that). And for healers I greatly prefer Symbiotic Spores, that thing is amazing for both Ambra and Alani in not only keeping team mates alive, but themselves. Their legendary are really good, but I think there are better ones for their role for the same shard cost.

As for Reyna, I don’t have hers yet, but I’m one challenge away from it! I can agree that hers is probably one that is indeed worth using.

I also don’t have Toby’s Double Hug…but I’m 100% positive that Toby mains know that they’ll always use it if they can, double Arc Mines seems pretty lethal.

Currently out of 15 loadouts I use:

Toby, Thorn, Pendles, Benedict, Orendi, Ghalt and Ambra lore legendaries.

I think Toby legendary makes the most difference for him, 2 arc mines are just too good.

I use Rath’s, I stopped using Ambra’s, Reyna’s, Ghalt’s, Thorn’s, Miko’s.

I use Whiskeys, occasionally I’ll also roll out with Reynas or Ambras. Those are really the only legendaries I use, overall.

I’ve unlocked most of them. I would say I use 50%? I don’t use them unless they are synergies with the items I already use. Most of the time they aren’t.