Character mastery bugged (rath)

No all the onther chars have the damr glitch when i look at there mastery in the challanges the items u get for completing them are blacked out and hovering outside the boardersimage


So pretty much its not counting one of my lore quests. So the quests keeper of the blade and madter of rath will not complete

Have you tried doing part of the challenges again? Just to see if it will re register completing them? I’m not sure if that will work or not yet it is worth a shot. As for levels they are supposedly adding a mission and map with each dlc as well as more game modes down the line!

Not everything can be done instantly, give them some time and be patient.

What’s the incentive to try unlock another character and have the same crap happen to him again. Waste even more of his time.

Same thing has happened to me mate with Reyne, and I got the same response from them.

My ticket for this made it on the battle plan lol i have had a ticket open for a month now with gearbox and i got the mastery skin and title but the callenges did not complete and i didnt get my inproved genetic syphon lol but the ticket is still open so hopefully it will be fixed soon :smile:

I doubt it they told me they didn’t have the tools to fix the lore challenge unlock. Not holding my breath.


This sounds frustrating. I guess I’m lucky this hasn’t happened to me (knocks on wood)

Hope this gets fixed for you mate

you should have be able to keep leveling up to like level 1000 because leveling up gives you a better purpose than just getting 500 credits and some Xp for your character, per game that takes 20 to 25 minutes! while leveling up yourself character and getting credits much better

Its the challenges that i want completed more then anything i could care about the rewards much i just put so many hours into a character only to have it bug out on the last then needed to complete him thats what is frustrating, plus i spent over a mo th with an open ticket with gearbox for nothing