Character model collision in PvE

Why, why, why did you put this in? :anguished:

Can you even remove it in the PvE side at this point?

Just finished a 5 man pug mission and I literally spent half of the time with my character model stuttering from the insane amount of collision. Not enjoyable at all.

Did I just end up with a group of “inexperienced” players? I mean, it felt like my team mates decided they absolutely had try to run THROUGH me at every opportunity.

Can we pretty please remove the collision in PvE? Or at the very least, reduce it drastically? The stutter is real.

I believe the collision is there to stop tank characters with shield (Boldur, Galilea, ISIC) to stand in a chokepoint blocking while the whole team shoots through them. Though I believe some characters can eventually shoot through anyway by using certain helix choices.

It is certainly annoying, mind, specially when you are a melee character.

I don’t mind the fact you can’t just walk through people.

It’s the damned jostling that gets to me, it’s like you are stood on top of a washing machine on full spin cycle, or someone’s stood behind you deliberately knocking your elbow just as you release a shot.

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