Character Model Size in Relation to their HP/DMG-Potential

The game has a weird way of doling out the HP of a character vs their in-game models scale. One off the top of my head is ‘El Dragon’. His model is decently big and can easily be hit, his HP is abysmally low. The only way to be viable right now is to run in do some damage and run out, if you stay past the time it takes to Dragon Splash you’re a goner in most cases against capable teams.

There seems to be a disparity between character sizes and damage they’re capable of as well. Orendi is very small and very hard to hit (keep track of for that matter), however she is able to put out probably the most dps in the game is SFPillar hits. Mellka; jumps around everywhere and is a very small target. Marquis; his model is so skinny hitting him is very difficult.

This thread is asking for character models of small characters to be scaled up a reasonable degree (if this is not a possibility, lower their HP). The bigger character models could either be reduced a bit or HP raised.

Kleese is pretty bad with this. He has got to be the easiest target in the game. Hes not all the big…just extremely fat.

He should have one of those back up beepers that big trucks have for his chair