Character Movement Too Slow...Thoughts?

So first let me say I do enjoy the game and I do enjoy Gearbox as a developer. This game brought back the familiar character and humor of Gearbox that The Pre-Sequel seemed to be lacking. I’ve put thousands of hours in the Borderlands series and I’ve been trying to figure out why I haven’t been playing this that much.

I enjoy the humor, the story, the operations, the uniqueness of each character, and multiplayer. I’ve played through the campaign multiple times, on multiple difficulty levels, and with multiple characters but every time I’m done with a session I almost feel exhausted. For someone who can easily put in 8 hour sessions this was weird so I was trying to figure it out.

After some thought I realized it feels like I’m pushing a lead weight around the map. The characters just feel to slow and even the jump height doesn’t seem to fit with the overall feel of the game. The characters are always getting stuck on the smallest things, open spaces feel like an endless desert, and it only seems to feel right when you have a speed boost from a crate.

Is it just me? Well, I starting comparing other games and trying to rule out things that might be affecting my perception. I loaded Borderlands 2 back up and overall it feels much better. The running speed is only slightly faster but when you combine that with the jump height you feel a lot more mobile. I know if you get a little to crazy with the FOV slider it can affect the perception of speed. So, I adjusted it to the same settings and Battleborn still feels much slower. I compared it to games like The Division which is definitely slower, but it feels right in the context of a more realistic environment.

Well maybe it’s the character I’m using? I’ve tried a lot of characters including ones that people say are faster and ones that fly as well. I still feel like I’m trudging through tar. Even characters with flight feel great when you do a special attack and then it’s immediately back to pushing a boulder up a hill. Even putting on speed boost mods don’t seem to make much of a difference. In an environment of superhumans and aliens you kind of expect to have a bit more mobility.

I know there is some consideration of movement speed and balancing with the more MOBA like PVP and changing it could potentially negatively affect it. However, I’m not looking for twitch shooter speeds. Even half of the boost you get from crates would be amazing or possibly a dash on a cool down would bridge the gap.

Just my thoughts, wondered if anyone else felt the same, and I’m curious about the dev’s thoughts.

Different characters have different movement speeds and sprint factors. A lot of characters have a helix or two that focuses on speed if it’s your way to play, and you can build up speed via items if it’s what you prefer. It’s a viable stat when used in the right hands, I’ve seen some serious Whiskey and Rath gotta-go-fast moments. :wink:

they dont feel that slow to me. maybe the big tank characters like Montana/Attikus/Boldur etc. i think the characters feel stiffer just because you cant move side to side as fast or dodge. i think it is partly because it is first person so you arent being somewhat distracted by the character body movements like in the division.

Try Caldarius or Boldur if you want to go fast.

Rath always felt fast to me. i think his run speed is actually faster. at least it seems that way

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Which is the slowest Battleborn? I started to hate Galilea because of how slow her movement and sprint speed were. Rath is my current main and his base sprint speed is awesome!

Deande is the slowest character in the game I think.

Yeah, I would agree the lack of any strafe or dash does make if feel stiffer. I also considered the body movement as well and for me it actually contributes to the feel of it being slow. I’ve played a lot of first person games and the animation of the characters arms is much faster than the amount of ground you’re covering. For me it seems perfectly synced when you have a full speed boost; almost like the animation was intended for that speed.

I haven’t used Caldarius since the beta so maybe I’ll give him another try.

I’ve actually played with Rath quite a bit and he does feel better than let’s say Oscar Mike but he still feels slow to me. Maybe it’s just me and I’ve just grown accustomed to faster paced games or at least more movement options. Maybe I should take Shadow Warrior 2 out of my rotation for awhile :laughing:


Difficult but Deande

Yeah… 2K Australia made the Presquel. That just means you can actually tell when it’s Gearbox :grin:

Mellka and Deande are both equally slow. They have the lowest sprint modifiers in the game.

Beatrix may be the slowest now however.

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You of all people should have mentioned Ambra… :open_mouth:


That is surprising. I was expecting one of the heavy tanks to be the slowest. It makes no sense for a slim and agile character to be the slowest. Very shocking to me.

It really needs to be common knowledge that Mellka and Deande are the slowest characters in the game. But often when I bring it up, people don’t believe me.

Melka too!? What is wrong with this game!

I honestly have no idea. The worst part is that people repeatedly justify Mellka nerfs because of how “fast” she is, when she can’t win a foot race against Montana. She’s mobile but she’s slow as hell, and that’s one reason you see Mellka players sliding everywhere, because she can’t even compete for damn ground shards if she doesn’t.

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It’s one of the first things I noticed about Battleborn. It’s slow in terms of character movement and the pace of combat. One of the main reasons that I like the game, but don’t love it. I think you either adjust to the slower speed overall and enjoy the complexity of the characters and the other things the game has to offer, as I’ve enjoyed putting a lot of hours into it, or you decide that you want a faster combat experience and move to other games. Note that slow does not equal easy, I’m not a good Battleborn player by any stretch, but the pace of the combat is simply slower than other FPS combat games.

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I. Find myself to be rather stymied. I even play her as a hit and run disruptor! What have I done? Well, I’ll be looking up more often. I expect a meteor soon. oh no

It helps that he can chuck his axe to increase ms and can run either his shield. Ugh

Pretty sure that’s why they gave them unique offhand melees. Mell needs her slide to get around at any appreciable rate. Deande has her kick. Which was apparently try not intended to do such crazy things, but saw the merit of giving such an agile looking but slow character something to get around with

Being slowed and silenced basically equals immediate death because of this. You just kinda sit there and wave as other slowed people run by. :wave::dizzy_face:

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[quote=“epicender584, post:19, topic:1554966”]
Pretty sure that’s why they gave them unique offhand melees. Mell needs her slide to get around at any appreciable rate. Deande has her kick. Which was apparently try not intended to do such crazy things, but saw the merit of giving such an agile looking but slow character something to get around with[/quote]

El Dragon has a unique melee and he’s fast. I just think they made a mistake, like with Kleese’s health, but because it would mean buffing Mell, they won’t fix it.

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