Character Nerf and Buff

This is my first time being particularly active in a game forum, but the amount of callouts for buffs and nerfs is crazy!

I guess I’m just stuck in an “old time” mindset where games would not have post-release content, updates, tweaks, etc. The amount of complaints about characters x, y, and z are pretty crazy, and somewhat disheartening.

I play games to have fun, and I choose characters that I think are fun in every game that I play. So while one character may be an “A” tier, in terms of whatever ranking system you choose to look at, shouldn’t the main thing everyone focuses on is the question “Do I have fun playing as this character?” If yes, then great! If no, then try someone else out. Just because you are losing consistently in PvP, I don’t think that should ruin your experience of a game.

If I gave up after losing in Street Fighter II, I would not have some great childhood gaming memories that I have today. Part of the fun, to me at least, is learning the in’s and out’s of a character so well, that situations are reacted to before you can even really think about it. It may just be that I still have the same mindset that I had when I was a child, and I didn’t care who was most powerful, I just chose who I thought looked cool and had moves/skills that I like(d), but I still choose to play that way. I find a character(s) whose skillset(s) that I like and enjoy and try to become the best I can with them, because a player’s skill level is more important than character power level.

While I know it is my choice to read the forums and go through the various posts and whatnot, I think it would be nice if a section was made titled something like “Character Balancing/Tweaks” and then discussion of balancing could go there.

Anyhoo, rant over.


Unfortunately, that mindset goes out the window when you play a game that is designed to one day enter the esports spotlight. Playing what you like may be a good thing, but if you want to actually be competitive, you have to pick heroes who are considered top tier in order to increase the likelihood of winning. Some of these said heroes may also be beyond top tier, and thus need to be nerfed in order to encourage more variety in team setups.


I prefer them being able to patch and tweak characters rather than how competitive tournaments used to handle things. They would just ban characters the community felt were OP. I think it’s a lot better now that we can tweak OP characters and thus keep the entire roster of characters (or most of it at least) viable in casual and competitive play.

Thinking in the way of different tiers seems counter-productive if you consider that most people are already fed up by the fact that some characters are encountered in every PvP match (Galilea as a result of her ‘OPness’, or Alani due to the fact she is relatively new to the game).
So basically, Tournaments would probably end up with every Team consisting of the Top 5 ‘Tier 1’ characters. I do not like that perspective, at all.

Also, comparing Apples to Oranges never worked out in reality, why do people expect games to work like that? :rolling_eyes:

Yea but even street fighter has done tons of nerfs and buffs and released horrible character balance. Remember street fighter 3rd strike and 2nd impact these were some of capcoms most popular installments. Yet from a competitive and realistic point of view they were HORRIBLY imbalanced with only 4 out of 20 characters being competively viable at all in tournaments Capcom learned they had to do much better. Sure learning things in and out helps, player skill is a concept but it isn’t the ONLY concept in any form of competition. It’s like playing basketball against people who take steroids and saying no bro it’s all about your skill, learn the game in and out and win.

I’m From the old days too when you were young those concepts were just completely foreign why is dan habiki completely trash compared to ken or akuma? well because his concept was built around being a joke, AKA it is flawed. Game designers aren’t perfect just like anything sometimes it needs tweaking. Sometimes imbalance can ruin fun. Mentioning Street fighter as an example again… ragequitters. You beat them an they d/c so you get no profit for the match do you complain to capcom something needs to be done about it? or do you simply say well i should just focus on having fun and if i get cheated then well oh well.

I do think all the shout outs can be a bit of a shock if this is your first time in a community for a game, and add onto this that people see it as a competitive game where they don’t want the characters they love to no be useful because a handful of other characters seem to always win the game.

My thoughts is that if you build something that you want to last then you have to always work on it. No idea is perfect, from the point of creation to after its being implemented. Striving to improve on something you love is what probably makes this community great. My problem with all the shout outs about buffing or nerfing is that people do not put forth a strong argument most times and even the strong arguments still lack data or facts to support it because the developers did not really give us a manual that explains in great detail about gear, ability, helix choices and so on and so forth. This is a complex system and with any system people with become frustrated and have complaints.

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