Character nerfs?

Can someone explain to me what nerfs have really occurred to characters other than GitM?

I’ve been playing since launch (have all characters lvl 50 with all the loot i could want [online public matches btw]) and have not truly felt a character has been nerfed beyond recognition. I will admit nerfs have happened but most have been to weapons that are excessively OP.


Based on what I’ve seen, some people feel that a given character is defined by the aforementioned weapon(s) that they built their playstyle upon.


From what I’ve seen that’s whats most complaints are about. I’ve been a grenade Moze main and honestly haven’t felt any drop in DPS even with a Flakker post nerf.

This ^

If we give a candy to a kid, then decided to take it away because it is bad in the long run, the kid will get angry and start to cry. eventually the kid will realize that what their parents did is good for them.


Most of the nerfs have been positive imo. I don’t think an internal CD was the right way to handle Leave No Trace, but whatever. Even this latest nerf to Moze isn’t bad in concept, something definitely had to be done to address the interaction between beam grenades and Vampyr/MoD. But the way it was done is nonsensical, and doing it as a stealth nerf then trying to play it off as an unintended consequence of a bug fix speaks volumes about how Gearbox is going to treat balance in BL3. It’s something people should be upset about.

The rage I find most valid from Moze players is really that the nerfs significantly reduced the effectiveness of a handful of builds while the class’ action skill is still significantly weak and undertuned. I’m pretty sure most of my Moze friends would have taken it a lot better if there were substantial changes to Iron Bear at the same time so that, you know, Moze’s action skill was endgame viable.

Plus, being near-invincible and pointing in a general direction to watch enemies melt is a hell of a drug. That’s why Diablo is such a successful franchise.

Meanwhile, I’m just over here R4kk 4ttking with my FL4K and brainstorming with my Amara, so I barely noticed anything.

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Part of it is that Gearbox doesn’t seem to have any problem with other vault hunters (Amara) being able to do exactly the same thing, also with clearly broken mechanics

moze is still a very good character and out dps all but one other but people are not wiling to find the other “op” builds

No, people are upset that they now have to find other “OP” builds because the build they were using was demolished

not “demolished” balanced

While I’ll admit certain skills are lacking, that is a thing in current BL2. There are builds that tend to not work in OP10 but are perfectly balanced for lvl 80. Gearbox tends to balance around the baseline difficulty and players find the OP builds to work in the higher difficulty. Gearbox is most likely balancing to TVHM no mayhem in preparation to UVHM. None of the nerfs/ buffs have done anything to none mayhem playing. They effect M3 only which has ungodly amount of loot that its almost unsatisfying to farm for long amount of time. I know plenty of players who use “demolished” builds to nearly the same power lvl.

If players did not have the option of M3, OP builds would be everything, just like lvl 50 TVHM in BL2.

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No, certain builds have been demolished. Less than most people think, but it isn’t zero. Moze now has objectively fewer endgame-competitive builds now than she did before the patch.

There are ways to nerf things that don’t destroy builds. This was a problem that required a scalpel, and Gearbox solved it with a chainsaw.

I disagree

I still have a flakker-vampyr-blodletter-hex moze that absolutely murders mayhem 3 slaughters

Murders as in completes? Sure. But it’s half as fast as an optimal pre-nerf Hex/Flakker build. I know, I have one too.

“murders” as in invincible moze that an carry power lvling by them selves

Yeah I’m gonna call bull on that one, there’s no way you’re “invincible” with just a Hex for sustain, especially with an SoR build. If you were using a Tracker/Ogre build I might have believed you.

im not using SoR (fully) im using a bloodletter

Honestly with the nerfs they did so far I haven’t noticed any real change on Moze on M3 other than actually going into FFYL once in a blue moon. Flakker still nukes entire areas each shot and with an absorb shield or skills can still fire continuously. It is now however far more ammo efficient since it doesn’t eat 5 ammo per shot. I wasn’t even using a Hex grenade. The only thing that caused the change of actually going into FFYL was the nerf to the recharge rate and delay from the item that set your HP to 1 and doubled your shield.


Are you using a Stop-Gap build?

Were you using a Storm Front or a Quasar? If not, the nerf didn’t affect your build at all.

no no stop-gap

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