Character Network Types

Here I am again expressing my concerns for hackers… my last post was me being way in over my head in ambitions with Borderlands. This time i’m just going to touch the topic of combating hackers/cheaters, first off one my concepts would be having localized characters that would allow you to play locally and level up the same way you usually do and not require any sort of online connection, or even online servers with network settings that’d be specific for local characters you could set it to. As for the other type; that would be online characters stored in a server database, data moderated for exploiting and inaccessible to just simply change values.

I realize this is highly unreasonable and would add a lot of confusion to how network games come together, and also making it less likely you’d find a server to pair with. I’m sure most people already have realized that at this point, but it still doesn’t devalue the fact it would make servers more genuine and feel like you belong to a Borderland’s world. A lot of extra work definitely to achieve such a subjective aspect, but i’m just trying to voice my opinion on the matter and will continue to do so for this topic. I’m positive Gearbox won’t remotely consider this being viable, i’m not sure if there is a better way around it besides just saying “Oh let the hackers be hackers.” in Borderlands nowadays it’s hard to even identify hackers… a lot who do “exploit” data most likely aren’t going to tell you. And more wise individuals most likely would make it look natural and not out of the ordinary.

I guess at this point it’s a just a silly topic to discuss, 100% chance this won’t ever be considered. Not saying it’s Gearbox’s fault. I made this for people to speculate how the world of Borderlands would feel free of exploiters and hackers. I’m sure hackers isn’t even the correct term for them since it’s a simple localized exploit of data. Please share your opinions with an open mind, thank you.

(EDIT: Also sorry for anyone who sees countless mistakes in spelling/grammar, i’m just stupid)