Character/player validation, Split Screen Map, 5 lives concept

All these things have disappointed me. The playable real estate in split screen is poor and while one player mode has a superimposed map as B2 did, split instead has 1/3 of the total screen black and useless. The constant validation thing is tiresome. Really? 5 lives? I couldn’t find the quarter slot in my XB1… this isn’t an arcade. I bought the game and when I reach a save spot I should be able to die an infinite amount of times and still return to it, instead of starting the level over. A slap in the face for a $60 game. Also all characters should come unlocked. The colors are glaring and the darker details get washed out by the brighter colors.

While I loved B2, you guys really dropped the ball on BB. Awful game. This doesn’t even seem like it was made by game developers competing for consumer attention.

I thought I’d sit back to see what if anything would be fixed this many months after release… and the answer is: NOTHING.

I feel you guys rushed the release to compete with Overwatch.

My game and game case, both in pristine condition are heading back to Game Stop.

Please eliminate the above issues so that you don’t screw up B3 if you ever get around to working on it.

You can easily finish a story mission with more; I’ve had up to 11 left at the end, even in team play. You can find them in containers along with credits, extra XP, and other goodies.

Battleborn is a completely different genre of game to Borderlands. If you bought the game expecting it to be like Borderlands, I can understand why you’re disappointed. But that’s not what Battleborn is, nor what Gearbox advertised it as. Comparing BB to BL2 is like comparing apples to sausages (to adapt a metaphor).

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Here’s the 2 cent refund for you.

I shouldn’t have to find lives. I should have unlimited ones. I bought the game, I don’t rent it. It’s not a an arcade. I have not finished a story mission yet, thank you, don’t presume we all have the lofty skill level as you.

I expected the same QUALITY game as BL2. But thanks for inferring whatever you wanted.

I do appreciate your empathy though.

Sausages and Granny Apples in a skillet tastes great BTW.


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Its obvious you expected something else. Thats sad, but the best way is to get a refund from the retailer you bought it from and then buy another game to have fun with.

I didn’t give you permission to contact me. Don’t do so again.

Quit assuming that you know what I expected when I already stated exactly
what I expected. The only critical statement about the game was the 5 life
thing, colors and map area on split.

Those are non-expectations of things that killed the game for me. . Which
I stated. Nothing else. I expected a quality video game and what I got was
not a quality game. Which I stated. So quit trying to be the Amazing
Kreskin. What you “think” and “obvious” are on different planets.

Good bye.

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