Character Preference

So my question to you is which Battleborn do you prefer to play?

Feel free to choose a couple :slight_smile:

Personally I have yet to find a preference, though I am leaning towards Toby, ISIC, Oscar and Whiskey, though this is subject to change

Benedict is by far one of my favorites, but kelvin has an icy cool place in my heart too. Miko and thorn are up there as well, and shayne and aurox are pretty sweet too.

If I had to say one, i’d say benedict though, mastered him already (as in master of benedict achievement) and I play him really well. Also like it when things go boom. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I enjoy playing Thorn, Deande, Toby and Orendi (thus far)…
I like the characters that are quick on their feet (obviously, Toby isn’t exactly that), and have a ranged attack of some kind…
I’m going to see how I like Alani when she is available (not sure she has a ranged attack though, looks like melee?)…
And I wouldn’t mind trying Shayne and Aurox too.

Phoebe, El Dragón, Reyna and finally Boldur.
I really wanted to play Galilea, but she was just too OP to get into.

Gal, not because shes OP, but i love her theame, her armor, her darkness. I also like thorn, got her to master but not the best at pvp with her although i enjoy playing her, same with pheobe got her master but still need work with pvp

To be honest i played thorn first 'cause her VA is the reason i bought the game ^.^

Deande, Thorn, Phoebe.

I am support!

Miko, Ambra, Kleese and Reyna. Today I shall master Alani

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Ghalt, whiskey, Atticus, gali, kleese are my fave five so far Gona try alani tonight after work and she might replace kleese if she has melee and burst heal!

Mellka and WF so far. I got into Rath early on but there wasn’t much learning curve behind his skills and play style to keep my attention for too long. Looking forward to Alani though! If she has a decent skill set I might get into the healer/support role

Deande. 8 damn XP away from mastering her. I love eating things as Kelvin. I also just enjoy gal and everything about her theme.

Thorne, which is odd because I expected to not like her and didn’t even try her for a long time.

I just wish they all had OM charisma.

Props to you. I can’t do much with Benedict despite my desire to.

I have played ISIC, Reyna, Ghalt, Mellka, Kelvin, Benedict and Galilea. Love Benedict but I am very bad at him. ISIC was my first and my main, love playing him, love his lines. Mellka I had to learn to love. Once I got used to her game play, it was great fun. I like to Reyna when the team needs support but I don’t love playing it. I only PVE so I have limited experience otherwise.

I love Caldarius and Mellka so far. I want Deande though, but it’s going to take a while.

Miko or Kleese for PvP
Oscar Mike or Kleese for PvE

Oscar mike phoebe deande ISIC miko and I’m gonna try alani

Oscar Mike - Slaughters Ronin
Thorn - Wicked fast
Deande - What a Lady
Ghalt - Trap, Chain + Melee (Left that junk shotgun at home.)

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Ghalt has the best quick melee to spam. So fast… :scream:

What’s great here, is that there are not really any one character that stands out in people replies.

personally that says to me that they did a good job in creating interesting but different characters, no doubt there are some that wont get played as many as others, but there is definitely something for everyone :slight_smile:

Ambra, Rath, Shanye & Aurox & Orendi

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