Character Preference

In PvP based on my stats I like Whiskey Foxtrot, Miko, Ambra, Caldarius and Pheobe in that order.
In PvE Mellka, Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, Thorn, Marquis.

But honestly I like all of the characters, and like playing as most of them. Only ones that don’t really fit me are the slow and big ones. I like playing as nimble, tiny and annoying characters.
Just like I am in real life! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thorn’s my favourite character to play.

The rogues are overall my favourite faction though, really like playing them all Orendi, S&A, Whiskey, Reyna and Toby.


Depending on what characters my team has picked, it’s mostly been Benedict, Isic, Ambra, Reyna, Marquis, Caldarius and Reyna. I tend to get bored of the same thing so I like a variety. Those are all like lv10-14.

But there are a lot of the starter characters or more common ones that I have never even touched. But I do wanna give el dragon a proper try.

caldarius i dont care that people tell me he sucks i always end up top on my team in pvp most of the time so i must be doing something right :stuck_out_tongue: but if theres no support ill go reyna since she would have to be my second favorite

I do choose a lot based on what my team has chosen, that is probably why I don’t have a single character any where near levelled completely

I absolutely adore everything about Marquis - gentleman characters are always my fav. Plus bindlebane is the coolest weapon! But alas my aim is terrible so I’m not very good with him you need 100% accuracy

I do like playing as Oscar Mike (invisible PvE revives!) and love playing Ghalt since I unlocked him.

This is a tricky question.

Early on it was Oscar Mike because I was genuinely surprised by him and his lore. I spoke about this over on the Steam community. He’s such a subversive character, it’s perfect.

On the surface, Mike looks like he’s just another Halo guy. Once you get into it though he’s actually … quite yuong? It doesn’t seem like he’s been spawned long. So the impression I get of him is that he’s basically an eight year old boy in a man’s body, with a military database dumped into his head.

He has that sort of tsundere attitude that boys who aren’t sure of their identity have, and it’s adorable. And there are other factors, too. From what I understood of him, he was kicked off planet Mike for being too sensitive. It alienated the other Mikes that there was one that really wanted to learn how to write poetry.

And now Mike’s found a place with Ghalt’s merry band, he’s having a bit of an identity crisis. On the one hand, he wants to retain his prior identity, but on the other he desperately wants the approval of the Peacekeepers. So he’ll do things like make puns and act all ‘I can’t believe I said that!’ about it.

Also. Hugs are stupid because they result in too many broken ribs. Apparently he’s been getting a lot of hugs from Montana. It’s funny because Montana has become like a sort of weird father figure to him.

And that’s absolutely brilliant when you think about it! No, really, it is. Who plays Call of Duty, Halo, and the likes the most? Young boys, and often ones as insecure as Mike is. He doesn’t have the potty mouth (as they couldn’t do that), but so many things about him are so right.

You’ll find I’ve liked a lot of characters for their story.

I loved Benedict, but I’ve discussed why elsewhere. Essentially how his curent nature, personality, and actions are all a tribute to his lost nestmate, along with showing disabled pride (which any disabled person can relate to) in a really respectful and subtle way. He has a lot to ‘laugh’ about, so he does.

I feel a little sad for Benedict, so I hope he does find some of his family, eventually.

ISIC I love because of The Algorithm being the best send-up of the Simulated Reality theory I’ve ever seen. I can actually appreciate nihilism too, when someone actually understands how it’s supposed to work. And surprisingly, ISIC’s writer does. It doesn’t have to be all depressing, after all. Also, ISIC is a little s… no, wait, I probably can’t say that, here.

Shayne & Aurox. Oh, they’re great too. They’re just such a perfect version of that teenage girl escapist paranormal fantasy. I’ve seen a lot of that thanks to my partner and just having been on Tumblr in general. A girl and her monster, what she’d do in that situation, that sort of thing. Even right down to the detective agency, they just got so much right about it.

That’s one of the reasons Battleborn stuck with me. Every Battleborn is some nerdy weirdo’s escapist fantasy, and done right. When they said ‘a badass for every kind of badass,’ I don’t think that’s as far from the truth as marketing usually is. And that’s delightful to me.

Reyna I’ve spent large amounts of time playing and enjoyed thoroughly. She’s a chubby, body positive, bawdy, and badass momma bear who’s not taking anyone’s crap. It’s like someone took Roseanne and Whoopi Goldberg (both of whom I love) and mooshed them together! I really hope other game developers take note. If you want to do a chubby lady, this is how you do it. Okay? Okay. Good.

The Jennerit have been a laugh. Not my top favourites, but still. Rath’s ‘Keeper of the Blade’ taunt is a laugh. Ambra’s kind of brilliant in her representation of haphephobia (a fear that I unfortunately also suffer with, so I completely understand the poor lady). And Caldarius is far, far too good at being Megatron. Anyone else notice th at? His default colours are, I think, reminiscent of Gen 1 Megs, whereas his last colour palette reminds me of the War for/Fall of Cybertron games and their Megatron. Oh and that slow clap. So Megatron.

I think the only thing that’s missing from Caldarius being a Megatron parody would be saying yes a lot to the point where it actually starts to get questionable, but that might be too on the nose. Anyone who’s ever seen Beast Wars will know what I’m talking about.

Galilea is a brilliant challenge to what people might see as how feminine a woman should be, whereas Ghalt is the opposite of that and has a quiet sensitivity to go alongside his masculinity which doesn’t impair it. Ghalt reminds me a little bit of Chakotay from Voyager.

Essentially, I’ve been running through a big part of the cast and I’ve been continually delighted by them. I can see whom each one is meant for and as such I can appreciate them all. I think my absolute favourite is Benedict, whom I can relate with the most being disabled and having experienced loss. I just wish I was actually good at playing him. I do try!

My partner’s brilliant at playing him. I remember the first time we fought the Conservator, I was being her pocket healer as Reyna and I lost track of her. Then I spotted her, above the Conservator. And I was quite vexed by how thoroughly she’d hornswoggled gravity.

I never thought I’d get to write ‘hornswoggled gravity.’ But there you go. Ah, Battleborn.

My trick is to never go alone unless it’s 1v1, and if your shields go down and you aren’t going to definitely kill the enemy, flight over fight.

In the end though, it’s really about shooting at stairs and being precise when you shoot the enemy and using hawkeye every second you can, and being above the enemy because they lose track ove you when you fly over them.

Personally I always go with divebomb, a really interesting skill. Some consider it a “trap” because of the immobile frames when you hit the ground, but the move can get you almost avross the map if you’re high enough and also deals good damage to enemies.


Thanks for the advice, it’s appreciated. C: The Benedict guide I read said similar things, so it’s actually good to have those confirmed. It’s just tricky staying in the air due to motor control issues. I do try to juggle hawkeye and flying as well, but it can be a bit of an overload in how many things there are to keep track of with him.

It becomes much easier when my partner is playing Reyna, though. But I think mostly I’ll just let her play Benedict and I’ll be her pocket healer. One day I’ll figure out how she managed to fly high enough to actually get above the Conservator’s head in the second mission (even she doesn’t know how she managed to do that).

I’m also using a cooldown item to try and cope with that a little better, it seems to help him stay in the air a lot more, which is great. So I’ll just stay up there as long as I can, and when I finallhy have to land I’ll bounce around with hawkeye like a manic chicken.

I’ll definitely keep working on it. Benedict is a fantastic character, and I have so much fun playing him even if the overload of all of the stuff does wear me out. He’s definitely a character with a very broad range of utility in all the stuff you do with him to ensure he’s at his best.

Edit: Oh, and yeah, Divebomb is just the best thing. Especially funny when combined with a Boomsday to the face.

Melka, whisky and ghalt. Just like the suprise factors they can bring with there helixes

Master of Ambra, Ghalt, Deande, And El Dragon. So close to mastering Miko too. Not sure who I’ll play next. Probably Shayne and Aurox or Alani if I can even select her.

Orendi and WF are my favorites.

Can you elaborate? I’m actually super interested in the plays that can happen with helix unlocks and stuff. I’ve been interested in that. Like the aforementioned Divebomb for Benedict. Thing is, I haven’t had a chance to play as Mellka or Ghalt yet, so I don’t know what’s up with their helixes.

Nothing beats a point blank boomsday! But yeah, gear wise, if you ever obtain the lore gear for him, called air mail, he becomes twice as good in story (every rocket hit while in the air reduces all cooldowns by one second). Combine it with a timepiece (the cooldown reducers) and something like the long goodbye (which increases shield regen speed, reduces cooldowns and makes you explode upon death for 144 damage) and your ability to play in story will be so much better. There are a lot of missions I just can’t do with benedict on advanced solo because he’s just really weak and in story sometimes running away to regen means mission loss due to the destruction of something you need to protect.

I mean, he really has a lot of disadvantages like low health and a long reload time and slow bullet velocity, but if everything goes just right, he comes out on top, and I love that because it represents benedict very well. I think my skill with him comes from being a very mobile and explosive player in fpss like halo and destiny, though sometimes it’s the very reason I get killed.


Yeah, I think it can also be the capacity to go with snap judgements. My partner is brilliant at that and I’m getting better but sometimes I can still get stuck at ‘uh, uh, uh, uh, oh right Divebomb’ when juggling Benedict’s abilities. It sounds like something you have a talent for as well. My playstyle is usually more pattern recognition, forming, and tactics. I’m always willing to learn to get better at things in new and interesting ways, though!

Air Mail sounds wonderfully bonkers though and I absolutely cannot wait to unlock that. It sounds like that’s how people actually manage to stay in the air for as long as I’ve seen them do in play videos.

yeah, also, look up how to do the 3 hour glide in less than 5 minutes if you don’t know already, makes it a lot easier to get.

Will do! Thanks again! C: I really appreciate the help because not all of this comes quite so naturally to me.

I totally dig Galz and Thron, but I’ve gotta say I adore Caldarius, Mellka, and Shayne & Aurox even if I’m not the best with them.

Shayne & Aurox are by far my favorite to play. PvP or PvE.

I’ve grown to like Reyna in PvP but find her a bit lacking when I try her PvE.

Rath and Caldarius are also favorites of mine, but somehow I found them both to be a bit bland. Not really sure why.

I mostly play PvE.
I’ve started with melee characters.
Rath was first, then Galilea, and now Kelvin.
I don’t necessarily have a preference, but I’m playing melee first since I have other games that involve shooting, mailny Destiny.
Out of the 3, Kelvin is the best in PvE when well fed.