Character Rank Suggestions

So here’s a suggestion. Give us the option to Q as a character and then matchmaker based on that characters ranking. For example, I unfortunately get stuck with people who are relatively decent lvl (say 30ish) who Q with Toby or ISAC and end up with a (for example tonight) 0 18 3 2 7. That person, under no circumstances, should be in competitive multiplayer because, either they completely suck or they are trying out a new character.

I have no problem with that. I think there should be a relative safe zone for trying out new characters that are not bot centric. Why not provide a matchmaking Q that lets you Q for a particular character and matches you accordingly ? It would expand the scope of the game plus provide a fun and competitive way for players to experiment with new toons, that doesn’t involve mindless and not experience gathering bots.

I tried out Toby in Paradise a few days ago - it was a disaster- I sucked- I had tried him against bots and in the single player and he was ok. But in PVP, wow I did not play him well. Post match, I actually got a death threat, that’s how bad I played.

So why not an option to try out toons but compete with others trying out toons? It seems to me to be a simple calculation plus would provide big incentives for folks to try a new toon.

Maby a competitive pvp mode and a ai test pvp mode?