Character Recommendation

I’m an older player (over 60). I’ve played every Borderlands game since the original and every Bungie game since the original Marathon back in the 90s. I’ve played Unreal back in the day and early Doom. So I’m used to the gaming, although I’ve tended towards solitary play or random play with others online. I do like to play through a game until I have maxed out at least one character. Then I tend to get bored and move to another game.

I’ve started all the Borderlands 3 Characters, but have only advanced Amara past the lowest levels, and she is only at level 24.

My preference in play style, developed over 30 years, is to maneuver (never stop moving), shoot, maneuver and shoot. I tend not to use supers much, and like them mostly as defenses against mobs threatening to overwhelm me.

So my question is: given my preferred play style am I on the right path playing with Amara or is there another character which would perhaps work better. I’m not so far into the game I can’t go back and work with another on this first play through.

Any recommendations would be welcome.


Maybe Moze? She can shoot while running, and her AS can be used a last resort.

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I have only played as FL4K so I can only recommend him(FL4K does not identify as male or female but I refer to it as a him in this case as it seems grammatically incorrect to say I recommend it).

He has a pet that will take some of the enemies attention away from you, the pet can revive you if you are downed. I use FL4K’s ability rarely although as a solo player the Rakk Attack ability would be better than Fade Away. Rakk Attack does massive damage later in the game and has multiple elemental types, can heal you a little etc.

I would say FL4K is a pretty solid choice.

Depending on whether you’re good at hip fire/strafing: Zane or Moze. Zane has skills that boost damage while moving, and increase movement speed after kills, so he can be pretty nippy. If you need more time to actually get a bead and hit the target then Moze - classic gunner class.

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Edit: same as what VH above

Zane has skill points for increased damage while moving and the barrier (shield) supports a run & gun play style. The clone offers strategic play or the drone offers constant enemy distraction & damage.

I thoroughly enjoyed my very first play through as Zane, plus his voice acting is on point.

Amara has so many skills & play styles I think she’s the best all around but given all her “phase” skills usually involve disrupting the enemy she might not be “the best” for you

PS will hit the big six oh in a few months

i’d say moze. you can ignore her “super” if you want, that’s totally fine. she might not be as mobile as the others, she does make up for that with just shooting til it doesn’t say click… because she can ammo regen!

If you really like run and gun playstyles, probably Zane. You gain additional damage when moving and at the same time there’s a lot of synergy with the cryo element to slow down or even freeze enemies.
Zane also has action skills that not only have a fairly long duration but that also help keep him alive, depending on your loadout. The Clone can draw enemy agression and the barrier can make you near invincible for a while.

I think Amara is perfect. She’s my favorite since due to her skills she is literally a tank and hard to kill. You’ll need to progress further to get the Guardian Angel skill and also look for a good legendary artifact with Last Stand (5 seconds of invulnerability when health drops below 50%) and you’ll be set.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I saw the “super” in quotes which I guess is Destiny talk–that’s what I been playing the last few years, but I am super burned out on that game.

Part of the problem with a play style like mine is that you’ve got to level up to see their true power and potential.

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i’m an old D1 veteran me self - in my mind, action skill is called super aswell x)

Amara. She’s the best of the VH and won’t be touched or nerfed. They only keep making her better and she can use anointments the best. There’s almost no downside and she has multiple playstyles. I have 3 VHs at 50 and she’s the one that can steamroll the most no matter the modifiers.

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Amara is best

Over the next few days watch videos. Zane, Moze, and Fl4k all got huge buffs and there is still a lot of new stuff for people to experiment with.