Character Rooms

Although I appreciate that they seem to be dedicated to continue adding cool or unique decorations to the rooms, I feel that there really ought to be two adjustments to make this better.

First of all, there are relatively few slots to put up the decorations, and in a manner where they can be easily viewed (too many slots that are high up). Second, the lighting in the rooms should really be adjustable. Fl4k’s room for example, the light is so dim you can hardly see anything. Would be nice if there were a way to change the interior and lights maybe to be more like Moxxi’s area where it is bright and light colored for example.


Maybe just have spotlights on the decoration placements?

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I’d love to see some updates to the player rooms. Something I’d like to see would be the ability to “store” weapons in the weapon plaques and then choose which one to display. There are so many unique weapons from quest rewards etc. and the bank is limited so being able to “store” uniques (or legendarys) on the plaques kinda like a container would be a great improvement to me.