Character Select Change Request

Please use either titles or avatars for both character displays. I’d love to see how people vote and it would allow me to make better decisions on where to apply augments.



Am confus

When you see the players you see their title pictures but when they vote you see their avatars. I’d like it if they were the same in both displays.

It used to show their avatar, it irks me that it’s not there anymore. I don’t know why they removed it.

My biggest problem is that it’s not showing pre-mades anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing overall so you can’t quit in matchmaking/ character select to cancel the match, but I’d like to see in the match what pre-mades they have.

I wanna know whether Caldarius is going to come and rescue their Beatrix if I focus her, if Phoebe will protect Marquis etc.

Apologies for slightly derailing.

I have mixed feelings about this. I think they removed it because people would drop out if they saw a premade coming. I understand that this is a problem that puts strain on an already shaky matchmaking system. What part is the real problem here though? Is it that premades are getting matched against mixed teams of one or two hot shots and a bunch of nobodies or Is it that people can see them coming? I understand the problem they are trying to fix but I don’t approve of the way they are trying to fix it in this case. Solo/duo queue is a big step in the right direction.

I wish that we could at least see the ranks of our teammates in the character select so that I know who I have to babysit and can pick accordingly.

You can. Scroll to the far left or right to get to either side where your “select” is hovering over teammates, then bring up the scoreboard (using the same button as the one which shows more character info when in the “actual” character select) and scroll down to any player and select them to check their levels.