Character Select Delay

I would love a response from GBX on this issue. Why are some people able to select their character before my character select window even loads? I’m on PS4, so hardware speed isn’t the issue. It happens on split screen, so internet connection isn’t the issue (the split screen person can pick before mine loads!). The only thing I can imagine is that it’s because I have every character unlocked with tons of skins so it takes longer to load. This really sucks. It makes picking Alani in PvP impossible since 2 or 3 people often already select their character before I even get a chance. This needs to be changed so NOBODY can pick until everyone is loaded.

Please note: this is only a concern for PvP. PvE allows duplicate characters.


Yeah, this is sooo frustrating. I mostly choose as the last thanks to the delay, and sometimes miss the opportunity to pick a character I want because someone already picks it 4-5 secs before I can do.

There’s a pretty lengthy thread about this over in the XB1 support area. One poster observed that the person with the fewest characters unlocked seems to always get into the character select screen first, and that this may be deliberate since they have the fewest choices to select anyway.


PC issue as well

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It’s not character unlock. My girlfriend can pick several seconds before I can (I count eight), and she has just as many characters. I have a few more taunts and skins, but this time gap started long before that happened.
Forgot to mention we play split screen.

This is an issue on all platforms, but I can’t get a GBX response on ANY forum.

Well even if I wanted to play Alani it’s out of the question. 90% of the time I’m at least second to pop up and be able to pick.

Yeah it’s horrible. I have $250 a month business class Internet so I know it isn’t connection speed. Watching half my team pick their characters before I even have the option is getting tiresome.

And here i thought it was my internet I Rued the day everytime someone locked in someone I wanted like… Internet Y U DU DIS… but it wasn’t my internet at all? What a relief :disappointed_relieved:

Same issue here on PC. The game runs perfectly fine and I have a good internet connection so I know it’s not on my end.

Not characters, taunts, internet, skins… Does the game just hate some of us!?